Political Globalization – Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages, and More


Political globalization is how regulations forms that achieve global reach. Hence, many of the world’s countries are committed to following specific guidelines.

Seen in an alternative way, political globalization is a phenomenon through which international mechanisms and institutions arise, to which more and more nations decide to join. These then promise to follow specific rules, for example, respect for human rights.

Political globalization serves hand in hand with social globalization, which is how all people in the world seek recognition of the same rights.

Likewise, we must not ignore the critical role of technology that types remote communication possible in real-time. It affects political globalization because if a country fails to comply, for example, with its international commitments, this will spread instantly.

Some samples of political globalization are the United Nations Organization (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Political Globalization

Advantages of Political Globalization

Political globalization mostly has the following advantages:

It permits countries to cooperate in combating common problems such as poverty, global warming or malnutrition.

Through international organizations, diplomatic solutions to conflicts between countries can be sought.

Thanks to political globalization, there are international instances where citizens can turn if their rights are violated. It can be of paramount importance, for example, if an act of genocide by a government against its people occurs. Faced with these situations, we have objects like the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

By being under the international community’s scrutiny, the risk of the emergence of despotism will be reduced. At this point, let us recall that electoral processes usually have foreign observers.

Disadvantages of Political Globalization

However, political globalization also entails some disadvantages:

By assuming international conventions, countries renounce a part of their sovereignty. In other words, the Government does not have a free hand to apply measures that go against the previously signed agreements.

Continuing with the above, the loss of sovereignty could generate discontent in a population sector. It happens mainly in contexts of economic or political crisis and can lead to the emergence of nationalist movements.

The countries with greater economic and political power may achieve a more significant influence in international organizations, imposing their agenda and conditions. However, it assumed that all the countries affiliated with a supranational entity should have representation, counting, in theory, with voice and vote.

What are the Benefits of having a Political Globalization?

Another tangible benefit that globalization offers and that is very important, especially for Latin America, is that globalization leads to peace and reduces the incentives for conflict. If there is globalization, free trade between nations opens up and allows these acts in accord.

The Benefits of Globalization

Better living conditions

One of the foremost benefits of globalization is the considerable improvement in living standards in developing countries. According to the World Bank, extreme poverty has reduced by 35% since 1990. In addition, the first Millennium Development Goal target of halving the 1990 poverty rate by 2015 was achieved five years earlier than expected. They expected in 2010. About 1.1 billion people have raise out of extreme poverty since then. These countries also have access to critical technological improvements without going through the difficulties developed countries face. Thus, for example, developing countries in Africa did not have an extensive fixed telephone network before the market introduce. Many African markets have bypassed fixed lines and have saved considerable installation costs. In developed countries, telephone companies continue to use outdated and outdated systems.

More creativity and innovation

International competition can substitute creativity and innovation and help companies stay ahead of their competitors. This search for quality and price can improve products and reduce costs. The free movement of labor and capital means that ideas from developing countries can drive innovation around the world. Before globalization, it was very difficult to get funding for an idea in a developing country. Thanks to the evolution of communications, those who do not have access to finance can make a difference both in their national market and in the rest of the world.

More affordable goods and services

The remarkable decrease in manufacturing and logistics costs at affordable prices has reduced the cost of living for all the world’s inhabitants. Lower costs help people in developing and developed countries have better living conditions with less money. The global trading system has also made it possible to access various foods at lower prices.

Easy access to foreign culture

Globalization has also favoured access to foreign cultures, such as food, cinema, music and art. The free programme of people, goods and information has made it possible to bring Thai food to your home while listening to your favourite Norwegian death metal band or enjoying the latest Brazilian movie.

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