A country famous for its stunning views, islands, beaches, and delicious cuisine, all this is about Greece. A chance to visit and travel around the states of Europe visa-free allows the project “Golden Visa.” This program provides a simplified taxation system and obtaining a Greek passport at an affordable price. When you apply to visa companies, you often don’t have a complete list of documents and information you need to get a visa. But, according to the visitors’ reviews of the “Immigrant Invest” website, the data is as accessible as possible and does not cause additional questions.

The “Golden Visa” to Greece attracts thousands of travelers who want to vacation in the land of Greek myths and spend their best years there. However, have you heard that this visa has more advantages than disadvantages? And aren’t they pluses: no double taxation, the ability to travel freely to Schengen countries, access to free medicine, and much more? This article will explain how realistic it is to immigrate to another country in modern times.

What is the essence of the golden visa program?

Ten years ago, the Hellenic Republic allowed everyone to participate in the Greece Golden Visa. The essence of the program – its participants can stay in the country and travel freely within the European Union and the Schengen Agreement for more than four years. A huge plus is that the system is optimized as much as possible and allows people not to reside in the state and extend their visas online. Greece Golden Visa gives many advantages for the EU country’s residence and financial activities.

According to specialist Victor Esik of Immigrant Invest, in the first half of 2020, at least 22,000 residency permits were issued under the program. They were granted after investing in real estate in the country. The essential purpose of participation in the program was to obtain a golden passport. This program is most often used by entrepreneurs and investors interested in the financial side, with the bonus of permanent residency and the prospect of a citizen’s passport.

Statistics show that the countries that have invested the most in housing and the economy are such as:

  • China;
  • Turkey;
  • Russia;
  • Lebanon;
  • Egypt;
  • Ukraine;
  • The U.S.

As of this past year, 2022, the above countries have contributed more than 3 billion euros of their funds as investors and property owners.

The main positive aspects of the golden visa in Greece

Greece Golden Visa benefits include not only the financial side but also the country’s social benefits. The prospect of becoming part of the European Union and the Schengen area attracts as many immigrants as possible, who are looking for an ideal place to live and a way to invest their money profitably.

The main advantages of the “Golden Visa” are the following:

  1. Simplified system of taxation, the visa holder is exempt from double taxation.
  2. Possibility to travel freely to all Schengen countries and the European Union.
  3. Probability of acquiring a golden passport.
  4. Obtaining Greek citizenship in the Hellenic Republic.
  5. The presence in the country of children who have not reached the full age of majority.
  6. High potential for large profits when acquiring property.
  7. Reunification of relatives, namely (your partner and minor child).
  8. Opportunity to invest by buying stocks and securities.
  9. Access to the biggest and best cities in the world within 2-3 hours.
  10. The opportunity to receive free medical care and study at the best educational institutions in the country.

Not every country can provide such a large number of advantages, especially the EU country, which suggests that the project “Golden Visa” is profitable and promising.

The most crucial question that project participants ask: What are the pros of Greece residency? The chance to get all the benefits of residency by investment.

Residence Permit

You can invest your finances in housing or the country’s economy in exchange for living in a beautiful country without restrictions. You do not have to sell your property during your stay in Greece. It will allow you to keep your right to stay in the country legally, but you can rent it out to earn income. The advantage of the Greece Residence Permit is that it is the most affordable opportunity to immigrate. This state approves dual citizens, so you’ll stay on the plus side either way.