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social market economy

What is the Social Market Economy? 

The social market economy was Germany’s model to promote economic growth and prosperity after the ravages left by the Second World War. It, on a general principle, is an open and democratic liberal society, which seeks to protect the freedom of the economy and functioning…

World Revolution

World Revolution – Info, Theory, & More 

Introduction: Established on the ideas of Karl Marx and the Second Workers’ International, Lenin and Trotsky thought that the success of the Russian Proletarian Revolution depended on the expansion of the same process worldwide. As pragmatic ideologues and politicians, they planned a strategy to support…

Hamraaz App Download Latest Version 2023

Hamraaz App Download Latest Version 

Introduction: The Hamraaz App mobile application, available in the second week of August 2017, will allow rapid information communication to young commission members and other personnel. The Indian Army takes developed a mobile application called Humraaz. The app will allow soldiers on duty to track…