Audit media, a company that offers advanced media monitoring services, joins our library of Success Stories. This company works with CEDRO licenses, which allow it to legally incorporate articles from newspapers and magazines from our repertoire in the press summaries that it markets to its clients.

“We must be able to do our work respecting the fruit of the efforts of others, in this case, the work of authors and publishers,” explains Juan Manuel Dapcich, general director of Auditmedia.

Our licenses represent a “competitive advantage” for this company in the national market by being able to offer its clients “the peace of mind of having a supplier that respects the regulatory framework,” explains Dapcich. A value that “benefits those of us who maintain a long-term vision of the future for the company.”

Operational Solutions

Furthermore, the general director of Auditmedia affirms that our authorization system facilitates the management of copyrights, improving work at an operational and regulatory level: «The internal processes of this Entity are increasingly agile and simple to manage copyrights the author in our company».

5 Benefits of a Media Monitoring Service

Meanwhile, in the middle of the last century, agencies of all kinds increased in the business sector. Large companies appreciated the benefits of leaving their reputation, identity, brand voice and even crisis management in the hands of specialized professionals.

Though, with the arrival of the new millennium and digitization, the agencies themselves activated to have their own needs, principal them to request the services of straight more specific professionals.

System and network maintenance, development optimization, performance analysis, security and cloud-based software are the most common needs today.

And just like the last century, now it is the advertising, media and public relations agencies that have realized the benefits of going to other agencies to find intelligent solutions such as:

  • Measure the performance and effects of your campaigns accurately.
  • Digitize and automate your processes.
  • Know the profitability of your work.
  • Create movements with a more strategic vision based on millions of data.
  • Develop your market intelligence.

In this sense, agencies such as media monitoring and social networks have gradually positioned themselves as a strategic ally for the largest in the world, thanks to their specialization in meeting specific needs.

Media Monitoring Service

5 Advantages of Automated News Monitoring

Although it is instead that can be implemented “in house” or through a freelance, the truth is that working hand in hand with an agency brings numerous advantages, among which the following stand out:

1. Personalized attention for your needs

In the same method as a traditional one, the agencies of companies like Knewin work closely with their clients to satisfy each of their news and information search needs in traditional and digital media.

A highly specialized team can guide communication companies and professionals towards the best media monitoring practices, bringing highly satisfactory results.

2. State-of-the-art technology in an affordable way

Alternative of the significant advantages of having these services is companies’ access to the best technology for searching and analyzing information.

Using tools like Knewin Monitoring, for example, customers can monitor vehicles online, print, radio and TV with the inclusion of new sources quickly and retroactive searches of up to 6 months and filters so that the result is exactly as desired.

3. Bidirectional Analysis

Similarly, the most advanced monitoring companies, such as Kevin. Have the peculiarity of analyzing qualitative and quantitative news and campaign reports. Which gives companies much more profound insights to optimize their campaigns or avoid a crisis. Branded.

Learn more about what a media intelligence and monitoring company do.

4. Extensive National and International Media Networks

Instead, Knewin News not only allows you further to customize news monitoring through search filters with unlimited keywords.  But also has the most extensive media network in Latin America. With more than a million online sources, radio, press and television to guarantee a comprehensive and professional news search; all in real-time.

5. Smart Reports

Latest but not least, monitoring agencies make it informal for companies. And clients to create automated intelligent reports for increasingly agile and accurate decision-making. Allowing them to concentrate on tasks with more significant impact and less time on the job. Manual report generation.

Consequences reports are also generated based on the preferences and needs of your clients.

And also, having the support of a Media Monitoring Service agency is an excellent way to optimize your agency’s processes. however, if you want to learn more about the services that Knewin can offer your organization. And also, contact one of our professionals to start using technology in your favour.