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Welcome to new yorkers’ blog excellent opportunity for new writers, Beauty tips Healthy lifestyle technical content writers, and freelance content writers, (guest posts ) about us on technology, gadgets, marketing, business, artificial intelligence, technology Blog, IoT, and telecommunications. It’s an endless list of categories that you can write and send to us as a guest at Our main goal is to provide perfect and high-quality content to our dear viewers. We focus mainly on the categories related to technology updates in daily life and business strategies changing the modern world.

People are constantly looking for new stories and new ideas. It helps encourage reading and engagement. Therefore, we are always looking for unique, ready-to-use content. This helps us to differentiate ourselves from others. If you have such an idea or a story to tell, just bring your keyboard and write to us.

To submit an article idea, please email us at “—“with the subject “Guest Post for New yorkers Blog. Our publishing team will contact you within 24 hours.

Our Goal

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Beauty tips

Nail technician

Healthy lifestyle

Fashion Updates

Tech Updates

Fitness Geeks

World Politics

Guest Post – Beauty Write For Us

skin treatment, shower gel , bridal makeup, Breast Augmentation ,liposuction write for us,

face serums ,hair removal,Callus removers.

 You can write for us on the beauty topics:

How to Submit Your Article to

As soon as your article meets our guidelines, you can post it with us. mail at

Lifestyle Guest Post

The lifestyle related posts offer you the chance to be more innovative, since you get the opportunity to expound on a more extensive scope of points, like wellbeing and health, magnificence, and travel.

We’d suggest that you truly do some exploration inside Business Life before you begin composing an article under this segment, since you would rather not burn through your time by expounding on a point that as of now exists on the site.

Data Center Travel write for us 

Final Fantasy XIV players may soon be traversing new dimensional barriers. FFXIV Data Center Travel will debut patch 6.18 according to the latest Letter from the Producer live stream. Producer Naoki Yoshida shared the details of the planned feature film. It is intended for players in one data center to temporarily send their characters to another data center and play with “native” players from that data center.

write for us

Jewellery Shopping write for us

write for us (1)How to write a jewelry business plan

  1. A summary. This is just an introduction to your online jewelry business plan.
  2. An overview of the business.
  3. Important information about the jewelry you will be selling.
  4. A marketing plan.
  5. Some milestones of the company.
  6. Define your team’s responsibilities.
  7. Include a financial plan.

Nail technician write for us 

A nail technician is a beauty specialist responsible for the grooming and appearance of a client’s fingernails and toenails. They provide manicures, pedicures, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal, synthetic nail treatments, and application of nail polish for their clients.

A nail technician is trained in the techniques of cleaning, Very nice filing and training fingernails and toenails, which includes the decoration and removal of the cuticle, moisturizing the skin of the hands and feet, removal of dead skin in both areas and a light massage to improve circulation and relaxation.

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Fashion school write for us

The Academy of Art University School of Style is often cited as one of the top fashion design schools in the world. While we value awards, it’s important to note that we are much more than a fantastic fashion design school.

We offer study opportunities that cover the full spectrum of fashion careers. Our programs take students beyond fashion design and textiles into all aspects of the industry – marketing, visual merchandising, journalism, communications, styling, product development. Qualified, experienced and connected, our graduates are well prepared to carve out their own place in the fashion industry.

Categories and Types of Articles We Welcome

Fashion Updates

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Tech Updates

Fitness Geeks


news write for us, “business news  intitle: write for us, tech news write for us,

Fitness write for us

Health and fitness + write for us, fitness + write for us, health and fitness write for us, write for us health and fitness, health and fitness gym exercise write for us, fitness write for us guest post, Fitness write for us, write for us fitness, write for us  fitness, write for us  health and fitness, fitness blogs write for us

Entertainment World

write for us + entertainment, write for us entertainment, entertainment write for us

World Politics

politics blog write for us, join our team, politics, inurl: progressive politics, politics website, politics, politics blog, politics inurl: write for us:, inurl:”write-for-us” politics entrepreneurs, write for us politics blog,  write for us” youth politics, “write for us” left politics, “write for us” republicans politics, politics write for us, politics write for us paid

Guidelines of Guest Post

We accept perfect, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content. Once you have submitted your content to newyorkersblog, our editorial team will review it to ensure the article meets the following guidelines. Here are several approaches to follow before submitting a report to newyorkersblog.

Title, Headings, and Subtitles (Catchy): The article must contain correct catchy titles and a concise headline for publication. Divide the report into smaller sections to help our dear audience.

High-quality and unique content: content must be well-written, well-analyzed, and free of plagiarism. Ensure that the content you present to us is not published on other blogs.

Avoid grammatical errors: The article should be revised using grammar to avoid grammatical errors and spelling errors in the content.

The number of words in the article must be at least 600 words, and the piece must be unique and provide the proper perspective on our audience.

Image Format – Add high-resolution copyrighted images. The size must be 696 x 464 pixels, and images must be attached to your article. Images must be in PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats.

Document format: the text format of the article must be in Microsoft Word Documents or Google Documents.

Before submitting a final draft to us, please make sure your article meets the previous guest posting guidelines.

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