The Hamraaz App mobile application, available in the second week of August 2017, will allow rapid information communication to young commission members and other personnel.

The Indian Army takes developed a mobile application called Humraaz. The app will allow soldiers on duty to track details such as postings and promotions.

Reports suggest that an army official said that through the ‘Humraaz app, soldiers could view monthly salary drafts and Form 16 and download them.

The mobile application was developed in-house by Ordu and will be released in the second week of August 2017. The application will allow information to be transmitted quickly to non-commissioned officers and other personnel.

For security reasons, the installation of the app is tied to the verification of Aadhaar details.

Details of Aadhaar will be checked against the Army’s National Information Center cloud database, and Army personnel will receive a one-time password from their registered mobile phone number.

Therefore, the last mobile number of the person must be linked to the Aadhaar number to allow the use of this mobile application.

Learn How To Download the Indian Army App

Here is everything about the Indian Army developed application. Know details about the app, how to download And the helpline number here.

Hamraaz app was developed by the Indian Army to manage the activities of the Indian soldiers effectively. The app was launched in 2017, and it has been significantly helping the serving soldiers know details about their schedules and more. Under is everything you need to know about the app and how to download it on your Android.

What is the Hamraaz App?

The Hamraaz app has been develop in-house by the Army and was launch in August 2017. It helps serving Jawans to know details about their postings and promotions. The app enables Indian soldiers to view their monthly salary slips and Form 16 and helps to download them. It also allows prompt communication of information to junior commissioned officers and other personnel. It has also reduced the gap in the communications between the soldiers.

To keep all the information and usage of the Hamraaz app secured, the Indian Army developers have linked the functioning of the application after verification of

Details. It means a soldier must have the latest mobile number linked to the Aadhaar number to activate the services of the Indian Army Hamraaz app. The exact Aadhaar details will be check against the Army’s National Information Center cloud database and Army personnel will accept an OTP on registered mobile numbers.

How to download the Hamraaz app?

  • The official site of the Ministry of Computer Electronics and Information Technologies. The site has the latest 6.51 version of the app.
  • Tap “Download”, and the app file will be download to your Android smartphone. A minor requirement for the app is Android 5.0 and above.
  • Once the apk folder download, go to downloads and tap it.
  • now tap “Install” for the app to start installation on your smartphone.

Using the Hamraaz Army app

  • Can follow service records
  • Find details about their programs
  • See broadcasts and promotions
  • Manage human resources related tasks

Soldiers can also assess and download Form 16 and salary drafts here. Also, this practice helped bridge the communication gap that tended to plague the services, as it sought to convey information quickly to military personnel, including non-commissioned officers.

Specifically, the developers of the Hamraaz app have tied their work to national Aadhaar Cards to ensure security. So, after disabling the app, it requires users to verify the details of their Aadhaar before using it. When a soldier enters his Aadhaar card details, the information is confirm by the army database in the NIC cloud. It then sends an OTP (One Time Password) to the mobile number of the enlisted personnel, obliging soldiers to link their latest number to their Aadhaar to activate the Hamraaz app.

Also, the app is currently only presented for Android smartphone users. Computer/Windows or iOS users cannot use the Hamraaz app.

How to download the latest 6.52 version of the Hamraaz app?

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The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India hosts a web portal for all official applications as part of the “National Mobile Management Creativity”.

  • The sheet gives you access to the download, the latest version 6.52, introduced in last year’s quarter. Click on the Download button to download the latest 6.52 version of the Hamraaz Army app.
  • An apk file will be mechanically download to your phone’s Downloads folder. Tap the apk file and click “Install”. You will need Android 5 or higher of Google’s operating system to access the apk file.
  • After the application is install, you can proceed with the Aadhar verification. A registration dialogue will appear where you can enter your Aadhar card number to register with the Hamraaz app.
  • After finishing Aadhaar verification, you can now check your payslip, service details and more directly from your Android smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made the Hamraaz app?

The Indian Army

The Indian Army has developed a mobile application named ‘Humraaz’ through which serving soldiers can track details like postings and promotions. Soldiers can also understanding their monthly salary slips and Form 16 and download them through the app.

What is the latest version of the Hamraaz Army app?

The new version 7.0 was upload on February 10 2022. Fixation of specific bugs was notice earlier.

Developed By: Indian Army.


Phone Number: 9560641424.

How can I create my Hamraaz account?

Your PAN card should be record with the Indian Army to sign for Hamraaz. Now enter your details, User Name, and Password to create an account on the Hamraaz. After your account creation, you can log in to the portal or app to see your salary slips and salary details available on the portal.

How do I use armaan app?

Armaan apps for army latest version 1.5.

How to use Armaan App By the Indian Army?

First Of All, Download the Army Armaan App Free From Here, Www.Apps.Mgov.Gov.In Armaan.

Once You Clicked On The Above Link, Another Window Of Army Mobile Aadhar App Network Will Open.

Now Tap On Download ARMAAN App And Wait Till App Downloads.

Download Hamraaz App 7.1 Latest Version

Hamraaz App 7.1 Download the new version installed on February 28, 2022. The previous versions of Hamraaz Army have some bugs, so now you can use the new version for big improvements, for example, online complaint management, AFPP fund subscription change, personal popup messages, and dissemination of information and correction of some errors and errors. You can download the latest type of Hamraaz 7.1 app here.

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