2022 Ford Maverick Test Drive Review

2022 Ford Maverick – Trucks appear to get bigger with each passing year, but we can feel the winds of change heading in the opposite direction with the new 2022 Ford Maverick. No, not the coupe/compact sedan Ford sold in the ’70s. It is a truck. Picking up where the earlier generation Ranger left off, the Maverick arrives as a genuinely small unibody pickup for city dwellers and active lifestyle buyers who don’t need the size or capability offered by a midsize or full-size pickup. This formula won’t sway traditional truck lovers obsessed with towing and hauling, but Ford targets a new market with the Maverick and expects many buyers to get their first truck.

The Maverick reaches into a new segment of compact trucks, including the recently introduced Hyundai Santa Cruz. Ford’s method is interesting here, offering a 2.5-litre four-cylinder hybrid as the base powertrain, driving the front wheels through a CVT. Buyers who want more power and capability can opt for the 2.0-litre EcoBoost, which sends 250 horsepower to the front wheels, or the optional all-wheel drive. We have never tested a truck like this. It’s informal to see how Ford could have a bestseller on its hands. We tested both alternatives of the Maverick in Nashville, Tennessee, to see if this new truck is still “built Ford strong.”

What’s the difference vs 2021 Maverick?

The Ford Maverick is an all-new appearance for the 2022 model year and slots in below the Ford Ranger as a more compressed introduction to the brand’s truck lineup. Unibody construction promises a comfortable ride also a targeted 40-mpg rating in the city. The Maverick offers a lot. Although its towing capacity isn’t enormous by pickup truck standard, the bed area provides many practical solutions to customers’ needs active lifestyles. According to all the common factors it is necessary to buy to above four wheeler.

Maverick Exterior

Since its debut, the Maverick has been one of the most talked-about new vehicles, although its appearance has not conquered everyone. The front fascia features a beam connecting the headlights, and at the rear, Maverick lettering runs the length of the tailgate. That said, the average truck is infrequently a thing of beauty, and the Maverick’s boxy quantities and masculine aura are in charge with a car. The Maverick is only available in a four-door SuperCrew configuration.

The XLT gets 17-inch alloys, and the Lariat receives 18-inch alloys, while the black wheels come as part of the First Edition package. The base model settles for a black grille and black door and tailgate handles, while the Lariat adds body-colour grips. LED headlights are standard, but the base LX does so with essential 17-inch steel wheels. Options include a power sunroof, cargo box liner, tonneau cover, and truck bed extender. Six tie-downs and Ford’s Flexbed system provide helpful solutions for transporting and organizing cargo.


Compared to the midsize Ford Ranger SuperCrew, the Maverick is 11.1 inches shorter and 2.3 inches narrower. Maverick dimensions include a 121.1-inch wheelbase, 199.7-inch drop, 68.7-inch top height, and 83.5-inch width, including mirrors. That’s small by truck standards. Then the Maverick still stretches about an inch longer than a midsize Explorer SUV. With the mirrors folded, the width reduces to 77.9 inches. The Maverick has a 4.5-footbed, the Ranger SuperCrew comes with a five-foot bed, so you’re not sacrificing much in this area. Now the Maverick, the cargo width through the wheelhouse is 42.6 inches (61 inches for the Ranger), and also, the cargo length at the floor is 54.4 inches.

With all-wheel drive and 17-inch wheels, entry/exit/ramp break angles are 21.6/21.2/18.1 degrees, separately. The departure angle recovers to 21.9 degrees with the front-wheel-drive hybrid model with 17-inch wheels. With AWD, the minimum operating ground clearance is 8.6 inches.

The more compact dimensions come with significant weight savings compared to large trucks. By a base curb weight of 3,563 pounds for the Maverick FWD through the EcoBoost engine. This model weighs nearly 800 pounds less than the lightest Ranger SuperCrew. With AWD, the Maverick weighs 3,731 pounds. The hybrid, which is only accessible with FWD, weighs 3,674 pounds.

  • Length199.7 in
  • Wheelbase121.1 in
  • Height68.7 in
  • Max Width72.6 in
  • Curb Weight3,693.0 lbs

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