Vacations? Great to hear you got your freedom to explore lengths. Pack your stuff, and remember to take your streaming device along because countries where Disney Plus is available are uncountable. Travelling undoubtedly is the best time of the year. However, the recent digital twist to the centuries-old hobby has created quite a stir.


Different platforms have introduced rip-roaring streaming services with content better than the others. So you don’t need to miss your favourite shows anymore. Your streaming service subscription will definitely be the faithful companion at your disposal during your expeditions.

Travellers must acknowledge geo-restrictions that block some of the streaming services based on locations and rights. A reliable VPN is the key to unlocking them.

Watching you bubbling with excitement, we brought you this guide on the five best streaming services like Disney Plus and more. Keep reading to learn more about the streaming services that can accompany you on your travelling schedule.

1. Disney Plus

5 Amazing Streaming Services You Should Use while Travelling

With blockbuster movies like Black Panther, Fire of Love, and many more, Disney Plus is the powerhouse of entertainment. If the countries where Disney Plus is available are on your bucket list, your trip is for sure a hit. With its launch, a recent affair, it has still managed to get into the competition queue along with other streaming giants. The reason obviously is the unmatchable content and service.

The 95mllion subscribers worldwide are evidence of the quality that Disney Plus offers. Featuring National Geographic, Marvels, Star Wars, Pixar, and others, Disney Plus guarantees you shows and movies to reckon for. A traveler definitely will experience something unique with Disney Plus by his side.

Disney Plus caters to every age group by allowing you to stream it on four devices simultaneously. According to your mood and location, you can switch unlimited genres on your device using Disney Plus. Disney Plus offers you the best when you travel, from fantasy stories to superheroes, to sci-fi to classics, to kids’ content.

2. Netflix

5 Amazing Streaming Services You Should Use while Travelling (2)

Probably the largest, Netflix is the entrant, known to have set the benchmark for the streaming industry. The most popular streaming service, called Netflix, is WOW! With a straightforward interface, impeccable content, and Worldwide coverage, Netflix is the best streaming companion that any traveler can wish for.

Netflix has a whopping 204 million subscribers worldwide, declaring it THE BEST! The seasons, serials, documentaries, shows, animes, movies, kids’ content, and more are a must-watch.

Brewing new content in all categories every week, Netflix is unbeatable. Its popularity is soaring compared to other streaming services because of the unlimited options available to entertain customers.

Wondering what else other than the content makes Netflix the best traveling option? Its Price– Offering you a plethora of content at a single price is what Netflix is winning upon. What else would a traveler dream of if he had entertainment options available in pocket-friendly packages?

With an impressive catalog, Netflix has outdone itself whenever a traveler has switched to it.

3. HBO Max

Surprised to have seen HBO Max on the list? HBO Max has proudly made it to the list of popular streaming services in no time, and it is commendable. HBO is something we have been watching on our TV screens since childhood. However, the real twist occurred when Warner Media decided to step into the Streaming industry in 2020, channelizing all its channels.

With 37million subscribers, HBO Max has penetrated the market quite impressively. Its access to the most significant content library makes it a perfect fit for travelers. This incredible library is a hallmark of diversity, offering you classics like Games of Thornes, The Invisible Man, and more, making your travel dairies a bomb.

4. Hulu

5 Amazing Streaming Services You Should Use while Travelling (3)

Hulu can only be watched in the US. If you are traveling in the US, subscribe to Hulu to magnify the experience and serenity of your journey. If not in the US, the outsiders can opt for a reliable VPN, like Express VPN, to stream Hulu on their devices.

You must wonder what makes Hulu worth all this struggle. New Episodes of TV shows. Although capturing a huge content library, Hulu is known for its unique TV shoes featuring new episodes. If you are a traveler of the taste, who believes in fresh episodes popping on your screen, Hulu is the perfect partner in crime. With 39 million subscribers alone in the US, you can imagine the impact and quality of this impeccable streaming service. Stop by a wonderfully scenic location, and switch Hulu originals like Run, Fargo, Fear the Walking Dead, and many others to relax and revitalize.

5. Amazon Prime

5 Amazing Streaming Services You Should Use while Travelling (4)

Owned by Amazon, a global service provider, Amazon Prime is a well-known entertainment brand. Amazon Prime is a travel-friendly streaming service with many hit movies and shows on its profile.

Amazon Prime subscription will undoubtedly grab a spot in your travel check-lit as it houses excellent watches. Enlist your all-time favorite movies like unhinged, Promising Young Woman, Double Agents, and more besides the snacks to enjoy a movie night in your dream destination.


We are sure that you just have finished a great read. This guide is a great help because it sorts out the platforms you must consider during your vacations. Not only have we covered the popular streaming services but also the importance and need of VPNs.

The countries where Disney Plus is available are not the only places to go. You can go anywhere and watch your favorite movies and shows by subscribing to an authentic VPN. So gear up to pack your essentials and get going!