Coffee to Stop Hesitating – Do you like Coffee but sometimes get a little confused when ordering? Not sure what the difference is between a lungo, a ristretto, or a cappuccino and always end up asking for an espresso? Here are nine types of cafes to know to vary the pleasures and feel more comfortable.

The most basic – The Espresso

Here is what forms the basis of the vast majority of other coffees! Very well known, the espresso is quite simply the classic Coffee, aromatic and robust. It is he that you spontaneously serve in most establishments.

In French, we sometimes hear the appellation “café court.” It is speedy to produce and obtain by percolation: the ground coffee passes through hot water. In theory, this process should carry out under a pressure of 9 bar.

The best for a boost – The Tight or Ristretto

The ristretto is produced precisely as espresso, but with a twist: there are two times less water! You, therefore, obtain a mainly concentrated beverage, in which the grind express almost exclusively.

It is powerful in the mouth, with a pronounced bitterness. But it is above all for its quick drinking side because this makes it particularly stimulating.

Easiest to drink – The Elongated or Lungo

Easiest to drink - The Elongated or Lungo Coffee to Stop Hesitating

After the ristretto, here is his enemy brother: the lungo! This time, the concept reverse: we prepare an espresso, but with twice as much water. As a result, the concentration decreases, and the power gives way to a light and delicate drink.

The lungo is less aromatic and proves ideal for consuming a biscuit or chocolate since it reduces their flavours.

Coffee to Stop Hesitating The original fashionable option – Chai Latte

It is difficult to know that this drink contains Coffee relying only on its name since chai means “tea” in Hindi. However, the basis of this beverage is indeed an espresso, to which we then add milk and tea with spices.

So in terms of flavour, you are on exotic and intertwined notes, and the first time you consume a Chai Latte, you may find yourself a bit confused. But we quickly get a taste for this new and adventurous side while subtlety.

Coffee to Stop Hesitating The most creative – The Cappuccino

Social media and the age of online photo sharing sparked the success of cappuccino with latte art, the practice of making artistic patterns with milk foam.

But before that, it was already an iconic Italian speciality. The taste of a good cappuccino is exceptionally balanced and begins with a cloud of creaminess and finally ends with a very delicate touch of bitterness.

The most delicious – The Mochaccino

In the mochaccino, there is first a cappuccino, then completed by a host of ingredients: cocoa powder, cream, or even chocolate liqueur can be part of it.

The bitterness of Coffee generally gives way to that of cocoa, sweeter and carried by sweet notes. As is customary, transparent glass highlights the different layers when serving.

Coffee to Stop Hesitating The little bonus – Irish Coffee

An espresso, whiskey, cream, sugar, and it’s over. Alcoholic, gourmet, and very energetic, Irish Coffee is a pick-me-up that has given rise to a thousand and one variations: French with cognac or Russian with vodka, for example. It should be drunk with a lot of pleasure. And a little moderation.

Coffee to Stop Hesitating Dessert Coffees

For a good dessert, renowned restaurants have a varied range of Coffee that they include on the menu. If you have just finished your main course, take the menu handed to you and choose your Coffee, knowing the flavour. For this type of Coffee, you have to select the best coffee grinder.

Mochaccino: this mixture is called mocha. It’s sweet Coffee. It is an energy drink for children and adults. The ingredients in the cup served are espresso, chocolate syrup, hot milk, and whipped cream. You must be suspecting the tasty taste you will get with such an order.

Affogato: is the drink of those who cannot spend an evening without alcohol. The moment everyone is happy to be at an alcohol-free party, you can prove to them that the opposite is much more enjoyable. It’s just espresso and vanilla cream, with, of course, a little alcohol.

If you are curious, you should know a little about Irish Coffee and Brazilian Coffee. These are two more dessert coffees that would do you good. So now go for the Coffee that meets your taste.

Coffee to Stop Hesitating The slats

Latte, as the name suggests, is espresso with milk. That is an option for people who prefer less strong Coffee with a sweet taste. First, however, it would help if you tried it yourself to get a clear idea.

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