Life can be overwhelming at times, and often, we find that our only escape is through social media apps like TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram. However, while that is perfectly okay, there is much more value to be gained in going out and occasionally taking a short road trip. Studies show that 73% of those who travel notice at least one health benefit post trip. If you’re coming from NYC, you don’t really have to travel far as there are many places surrounding it that are also worth a visit. One of such places is Finger Lakes, which is less than a five-hour drive from the city and offers a bounty of sights and activities.

There’s Something for Everyone

Finger Lakes is relatively near NYC, so getting ready for your trip shouldn’t be tedious. Make sure that the car you’ll drive has sufficient space for all your traveling needs and that its fuel is fresh by the time you leave. Doing so will ensure that you travel in comfort and you’ll avoid any mishaps on the road.

No matter what kind of activities you enjoy, chances are, you will find them in Finger Lakes. If you prefer a nature-oriented trip, you can visit Watkins Glen Park and take photos of its picturesque trails. Meanwhile, if you’re more into more relaxing retreats, you can go for a quiet boat ride on Skaneateles Lake, which also offers a number of shops and restaurants along its coast. Finger Lakes also has a wine region that has 27 wineries, and since these are situated close to each other, you can visit several of them in a day. For a more family-oriented trip, you can stop by the Strong National Museum of Play and let your kids explore its extensive collection of interactive exhibits.

Where to Stay

Just like with the activities you can enjoy, lodging in Finger Lakes can also vary depending on what you like. There are over 200 lodging options you can choose from, from lakeside retreats to hotels that are closer to town. As such, it would be ideal to choose your lodging based on the activities that you would most likely be doing. If you want a rugged feel to your trip, you can stay in rustic cabins in KOA Canandaigua Campgrounds. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more luxurious accommodations, then the Geneva On The Lake or the 1795 Acorn Inn might just be for you. Finger Lakes has a historic part of town as well, and if this is more along your alley, you can book a night or two at the historic Belhurst Castle or the 200-year-old Bed & Breakfast at Oliver Phelps. All of these accommodations have been approved to operate during COVID-19 so they are open at this time.

Eat Your Fill

Given that it is in a wine region, Finger Lakes is a place where farm-to-table has been a common practice. It offers a wide array of dining options that have high-quality menus made from the freshest ingredients, either harvested in nearby farms or directly hauled from the surrounding lakes. Go to Syracuse if you’re looking for more affordable food options made from local ingredients. Once you’re there, visit Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which offers some good pulled-pork sandwiches and unique sauces to go along with it. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy freshly caught fish, Skaneateles is the place for you. Dine at Doug’s Fish Fry for some well-prepared sea food that’s good for the whole family. Finally, the wine trail itself is packed with restaurants such as Kemmeter Wines, and Beef and Brew.

A weekend road trip to Finger Lakes is an excellent way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It would give you the opportunity to recharge and be ready for any responsibility you might have once you return home. A visit here would surely end up as a trip to remember.