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Angelus Demonus YouTube and Twitch Partner Angelus Demonus discuss Final Fantasy 14 Solo Deep Dungeon content.

One of the best effects of Final Fantasy 14 is the different content on offer. Whether you want to complete quests, level up various jobs, craft, hunt for collectibles, or socialize with friends, there’s plenty to do. There are also deep dungeons, multi-level rogue-lite instances with their upgrade systems, and exclusive rewards that can be tackled in groups or alone. There are currently only two Deep Dungeons in the game: Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.

Angelus Demons is a Twitch and YouTube partner known for his PvP activities in The Feast and his solo runs in Deep Dungeon in FF14. Demons have been flowing for over three years, spending most of his time on the Cactuar and Behemoth servers. He often changes his lead role depending on the expansion or the task at hand, but he finds Red Mage one of the best options for tackling Deep Dungeon content.

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Demonus has soloed Palace of the Dead 22 times with various jobs and soloed Heaven-on-High 38 times. As impressive as he is, he’s known for something even more prestigious: being one of the first to complete both of Final Fantasy 14’s deep story dungeons solo.

In Heavensward, I built a standing in the PvP public by getting pretty high ranks as a summoner in The Feast,” Demonus tells me. In Storm blood, I started pushing Deep Dungeon and creating content for a while but gave PvP a little more priority, especially in The Feast until Heaven-on-High is released in July 2018 in patch 4.35. Heaven-on-High finished at #6 in the world in August 2018 and later returned to Palace of the Dead after a year hiatus from that particular game mode, and I finished Palace of the Dead in March 2019 at 14 in the world.”

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