Discover what is your ideal beauty ritual

Anti-ageing – If you have doubts about your daily care and the products that best suit your needs, follow these recommendations from the experts.

For example, as years go by, we are increasingly aware that skincare is a tangible display of self-love. The moment of the beauty routine has made the verbs take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves and love ourselves into synonyms. And we are sure that, to do it correctly, you want to know exactly which products are best for your skin type, the appropriate treatments for your needs, and the kind of ritual that will solve the imperfections that you notice in your face.

Anti-ageing routine or anti-stain routine, which is best for me?

And this is when the doubts begin: what is the most convenient routine for me? What products should I buy? Is an anti-blemish ritual better, or is it time for an anti-ageing one?

Find out if your skin needs an anti-ageing routine

How do you know when to start an anti-ageing routine?

Starting anti-ageing care is different for each woman, and there is no correct age. However, some signs may indicate that we should begin with corrective anti-ageing care or a preventive ritual. In general, we must bear in mind that the first observable changes in the skin, even before fine wrinkles, are in the luminosity and quality of the skin.

What are the main assets that this routine should have?

One that has proved effective in preventing the impact of the Exposome, specifically neutralizing free radicals of oxygen, is the vitamin C . And the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that also has anti-ageing properties. In addition, actives such as niacinamide and calming properties have tone homogenizing and antioxidant qualities. Which is why it is an effective anti-ageing activity.

Three tips to follow in my lifestyle if I want to contribute to making my anti-ageing ritual even more effective.

We must bear in mind that lifestyle influences skin ageing. Specifically, diet and lack of sleep can impact accelerating ageing. On the other side, a diet rich in antioxidants and balanced in macro and micronutrients can contribute to or fight against the signs of ageing. In addition, we must not forget correct cosmetic habits, and hygiene is a step. Incorporating fortifying and repairing care, previously applied to the selected treatment, can help us achieve the best results. In this way, our routine of care could be:

  • Gentle hygiene adapted to skin type and tastes.
  • Fortify the skin with a fortifying serum-like Mineral 89.

Anti-ageing care incorporates an antioxidant concentrate such as Peptide C that fights against the impact of free radicals. It helps to improve luminosity and has been shown to have anti-wrinkle efficacy. Subsequently, daily face care, such as Liftactiv Supreme SPF30, which is single care we combine anti-ageing treatment and high UV protection.

Experts recommend this anti-ageing ritual:

1) Liftactiv Specialist Peptide Ampoules – C

An “anti-ageing super dose” with 10% pure vitamin C, anti-ageing peptides, hyaluronic acid, and volcanic water from Laboratories. They provide luminosity and hydration to the skin and have antioxidant action. They should apply in the morning, after cleaning.

2) Liftactiv Supreme HA Epidermic Filler Serum

Serum for the face and eyes that recharge 100% of the daily loss of hyaluronic acid from the beginning. Hyaluronic acid hydrates, plumps, and firms with 1.5% pure high and low molecular weight.

3) Liftactiv Collagen Specialist anti-ageing moisturizer

Deep anti-wrinkle cream from Laboratories acts on 100% of the signs of ageing. Combat flaccidity and progressively activate collagen production. Suitable for normal and dry skin, it has an enveloping texture that determines if your skin needs an anti-blemish routine.

What are the signs on my skin that indicate I should have an anti-blemish routine?

Generally, the depigmenting routine uses when spots appear. They can be lentigos or larger patches, commonly known as café-au-lait or melasma spots. Although previously, the skin may show changes in colour or tone homogeneity.

What are the best depigmenting assets?

What are the best depigmenting assets Anti ageing

Exfoliants or renovators, such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta hydroxy acids (BHA), such as glycolic or salicylic acid that, thanks to their ability to accelerate the elimination of corneal cells, helps to normalize skin renewal.

Active ingredients can reduce the transfer of melanin from the cell in charge of synthesizing it (melanocyte) to the epidermal cells, like niacinamide, for example.

Anti-tyrosinase actives have been shown to reduce melanin production, such as active ingredients such as kojic acid.

Finally, and very importantly, solar filters help us reduce the impact of solar radiation on the skin, especially UVA radiation and, in the case of dark phototypes, the visible one (the area of ​​blue light).

Experts recommend this anti-blemish ritual:

1) Liftactiv Specialist Glyco Ampoules – C

Formulated with 10% glycolic acid, this “anti-blemish super dose” prevents and treats dark sunspots and acne marks. In addition to their depigmenting action, they smooth the skin surface and act on imperfections, providing luminosity and unifying its tone and texture. They should apply at night, after cleaning.

2) Liftactiv Supreme HA Epidermic Filler Serum

Serum for the face and eyes that recharge 100% of the daily loss of hyaluronic acid from the beginning. Hyaluronic acid hydrates, plumps, and firms with 1.5% pure high and low molecular weight.

3) Liftactiv Supreme SPF 30 anti-ageing moisturizer

Daily anti-ageing skincare with broad-spectrum UVA / UVB protection (SPF30) acts on existing wrinkles and helps fight the formation of new wrinkles caused by UVA rays. Hyaluronic acid with a progressive filling effect smoothes wrinkles and strengthens the skin.