Anti-Aging Superfoods – Exercising regularly, meditating and eating right: these are the three tips from the experts to transform your body from January to December, for which some tricks facilitate the transition to a healthy lifestyle. The third of them, the diet, has little to do with restriction and, yes, educating oneself about the nutritional recipes that contain the three groups of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) in their proper measure and represented by subjects. Quality raw materials. To help design the ideal shopping list for 2022, experts point to the superfoods that will make people talk this year, And we anticipate that, far from being exotic ingredients that you have never heard of, you know more than enough about the ten chosen ones that we will discover

1. Green Tea – Anti-Aging Superfoods

Green Tea Anti Aging Superfoods

This drink famous for its antioxidant powers is also one of those recommended by Dr Nichollas Perricone, author of the diet named after his last name, for its science-proven anti-ageing properties. In addition, it is a highly valued tea in traditional Chinese medicine for its richness in polyphenols and catechins that help delay premature ageing of tissues and allow metabolism to function correctly.

2. Spices and Aromatic Plants

The perfect alternative to salt, of which Dr Paula Rosso, a nutrition specialist at the Lajo Plaza Medical Center, sets the limit at 5 grams per day: “When more than this amount consumes, our body stores the excess in organs and tissues in a ratio of 20 parts of water to one of salt. It is what causes fluid retention in the body and what we know as oedema, that the only thing they are is salt and stored water that the kidney cannot eliminate nor the skin. ”

3. Mineral Water – Anti-Aging Superfoods

Maintaining an optimal hydration level in the body is one of the most effective anti-ageing tricks. It is also not missing from Dr Perricone’s list of superfoods: “Dehydration makes it difficult to metabolize fats and, therefore, will prevent the body from eliminating fat. residues, in addition to promoting the development of inflammatory compounds “, points out the specialist. Although experts warn that its consumption should adapt to the physiognomy and lifestyle, the World Health Organization point to a litre and a half or two litres per day as the standard measure.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Nutritionists have a maxim: the more varied the colours of a recipe, the more nutritious it will have. As for anti-ageing queens, green vegetables are Dr Nichollas Perricone’s favourites because they are a source of vitamin C, magnesium or calcium, all of which are responsible for delaying ageing. In addition, the nutritionists of the Cocopí company reveal other benefits of this type of food: “Spinach, chard, lettuce, arugula. And in general all green leafy vegetables are essential in a good diet. Rich in magnesium and folic acid, these vegetables help keep stress levels at bay.”

5. Wild Salmon

This source of protein is essential in the anti-ageing diets of celebrities due to its richness in essential fatty acids: “Known for their protective effects on the heart, their ability to lower blood pressure and reduce the formation of blood clots”, he points out Dr. on the so-called “good” fats that also found in sardines, flax seeds, or tuna.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The so-called “yellow gold” and one of the bases of the Mediterranean diet is another ultra-powerful source of fats as it contains about 75% oleic acid, a substance that reduces the oxidation of “bad” cholesterol (LDL): “The intake of oily fish, nuts or olive oil, which are foods rich in Omega-3 (the so-called good fat), helps to keep triglycerides low, control cholesterol and blood pressure”, points out Cristina Morillo, nutritionist at BluaU de Sanitas.

7. Oats – Anti-Aging Superfoods

An ideal breakfast to pamper yourself and quench your appetite until the next meal. Drs. Highlights oats’ richness in fibre and protein, which keeps the stomach full for longer, and in monounsaturated fats. The result of this potent cocktail is an aid in the control of cholesterol.  And the regulation of the digestive system.

8. Strawberries and Berries

Its role in preventing free radical formation is why experts praise its anti-ageing benefits. Drs. Explains that these “powerful, low-glycemic antioxidants are key to achieving a younger, more vibrant face. In addition, they help reduce accumulated body fat.”

9. Dairy – Anti-Aging Superfoods

But not just any dairy, those that pass the specialist cut are those of natural and organic origin. And also, with reduced salt content and free of sweeteners. A good example is organic plain yoghurt or kefir, sources of bacteria that promote healthy intestinal flora and improve digestion.

10. Cocoa – Anti-Aging Superfoods

When pure and taken in small doses, cocoa helps prevent the formation of free radicals (responsible for premature ageing). Regulate blood sugar levels and protect the cardiovascular system. In addition, Juice Plus + specialists point out its properties to improve mood: “There is research that ensures that the consumption of pure dark chocolate. In small amounts every day, in addition to improving the heart system, generates endorphins, the hormones of happiness “.