Who won the versus battle between Ashanti and Keyshia cole: Both ladies shone brightly, but with the winner of the entire event finally revealed, this is how Commercial scored each round of the battle. Ashanti has the perfect rebuttal on her hands as Keyshia returns to her Just Like You Days for round 4. Audiences rejoice when their beloved “Rock With U” is cleverly and perfectly combined with Michael Jackson’s timeless classic “Rock With You. This was a very expensive specimen, Ashanti jokes. It’s worth it because she wins this round.

We didn’t want to get our hopes down after being cancelled twice, but the Battle of Verzuz continued, albeit a little late. Keyshia Cole kept the audience waiting for about an hour before going on air. But when he honoured us with his presence, viewers reached one million.

Verzuz, Ashanti vs. Back to the original recipe for Keyshia Cole. The previous battle was cancelled at the last minute due to the increase in Covid-19 cases.

Who won the versus battle Ashanti and Keyshia cole Highlights

Who Won The Versus Battle Between Ashanti And Keyshia Cole

The seventh round saw a tribute to Keyshia Cole, who was almost signed to his label as a teenager. Ashanti followed her connection with the rap legend: Pac’s Life, the song she featured in her latest album. Play Your Cards Right as you play the posthumous feature Tupac.

Both artists showed their fans new music during Verzuz. Keyshia Cole premiered I Don’t want to Be In Love, while Ashanti performed the first play of the new song 235 (2:35 I Want You).

Verzuz founder Swizz Beatz was talking about “disrespect” in the comments section, so we had to watch engineers try to fix Keyshia’s lousy wifi, which appeared to be the crushed dad. So at first, the delay was due to technical difficulties. The wait continued as they managed to fix Keyshia’s wifi connection.

Who Won The Ashanti Vs Keyshia Cole Verzuz Battle?

As with all Verzuz wars, war does not determine any winner. But this, of course, does not prevent the fans from deciding among themselves.

Both artists put up a good fight, providing an impressive battle of Verzuz. After all, the consensus among fans is that Ashanti won the battle of Verzuz.

While many hoped it wouldn’t be that good, it ultimately impacted some of the biggest hits, with memes cancelling to avoid “taking the L

The funniest memes after Keyshia Cole’s Ashanti vs Verzuz

Ashanti and Cole’s fans took to social media to share their excitement for the event online. One user wrote: “Ashanti and Keyshia Cole better make sure this VERZUZ is made today.”

As Ashanti sang JLo’s songs, a fan tweeted, Lmfao Ashanti said ‘I’m calling J.LO. the scream I just gave them.” Meanwhile, another user wrote: “Ashanti has four hits with nothing special! Better stop messing with the Keyshia girl.

Mocking the delay caused by wifi, one fan wrote, “Keisha had this much time to pay her wifi bill and get the new phone. While choosing their winner, one said, “In my eyes, Ashanti win” and another wrote, “Love the energy of Ashanti tonight Verzuz.”

One said, “Keyshia knew all of Ashanti’s songs, but Ashanti didn’t know all of Keyshia’s songs, and that should tell you who the winner is. And another shared a meme: Ashanti when Keyshia is Verzuz.” Good night.

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More than 1.3 million viewers watched this Verzuz

Who Won The Versus Battle Between Ashanti And Keyshia Cole

Before January 21, many people on social media stated that they were not interested in Ashanti-Keyshia Cole Verzuz, disappointed that it was delayed twice. When Verzuz’s Instagram Live stream appeared, it didn’t seem like that, as over 500,000 people quickly started adjusting.

As the war progressed, it eventually reached 1.3 million viewers. People quoted lyrics from Ashanti and Cole’s biggest hits in the comments section.

Fans debate who won between Ashanti and Keyshia

Ashanti and Cole are two of the most fantastic R&B performers who left their mark on the 2000s. They traded their classic records back and forth. Some of the notable hits played on Thursday night were Ashanti’s “Foolish” and “Rock Wit U” and “Playa Cardz Right” and “Playa Cardz Right” with 2Pac. “Let It Go” with Lil Kim and Cole’s Missy Elliot. Many who turned to social media believed Ashanti had won, despite Cole’s belief that he was the favourite to go to war.

About who won the versus battle, Ashanti and Keyshia cole

Who Won The Versus Battle Between Ashanti And Keyshia Cole

On Thursday, January 21, the most requested fan fight kicked off after being delayed twice, and the two top-ranking heavyweights appeared in their original Verzuz format due to Covid-19 concerns. At the show’s start, some delays caused the battle to start more than an hour late.

After the incident, The Box Houston’s new morning show, Good Morning H-Town, caught up with GoDJ Hi-C, Keisha Cole’s D.J., explaining what happened.

Of course, in true Black Tweet fashion, jokes began to fly as fans started to wonder if the battle would be canceller once again after waiting nearly two hours for the battle to begin before Keyshia Cole showed up and start. Event.

While no winners were announce in traditional Verzuz fashion, Ashanti did a job with Murder Inc., including. Down 4 U with Ja Rule before delivering all the old-school vibes. He uncovered the heavy weapons that stole all the hits of his era. His first hit, “Happy,” and its sequel, “Baby”, fit in on the track like it was in the early 2000s. She sang, looking fabulous in a sexy blazer with a long pearl necklace. Of development, she couldn’t miss the classics “What’s Luv” with Fat Joe and the version of “Into You” with Fabolous.

Keyshia Cole also hit the war-starting airwaves with her debut hit single, I Changed My Mind, before showing off her vocal range with the 2008 typical Playa Cardz Right with 2Pac. Before playing the record, Cole address the late rapper, who was close friends with his brothers, stating that he was almost a part of the Death Row cast as a teen.

Death Row Records almost employed me. That was a long time ago,” she thought back in her teenage years. The element that I was still able to get by after meeting 2Pac and the Death Row band. My brother was very close to ‘Pac and everything. He died when I was 16. I did it years after you told me you’d do it, and we were able to do a song with It. It’s a blessing to say I’ve made it this far after spending so much time.


Ultimately, Billboard called the battle for Ashanti with a final score of 12 rounds won to Cole’s 10. With three rounds resulting in a tie, according to the outlet’s judging. The Verzuz ended up being decent.

The singers with distinctly different styles gave each other a tough competition. But the viewers have chosen one clear winner – and it is Anthony.
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