Beauty and the Beast Rose is a magical flower from Beauty and the Beast’s 1991 Disney film. It has since become the trademark sign for the film.

The red rose symbolizes love and romance. It represents the Beast’s need to reform from his past life of excess and vanity and be gentler towards others. It also indicates the Beast’s dying hope for love; if it dies before he finds his one true love, then he’ll stay the Beast forever.

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Enchanted Rose – Beauty And The Beast Rose

Beauty and the Beast Rose

Beauty and the Beast Rose is one of Disney’s masterpieces. It’s my version of the Enchanted Rose as depicted in the animated feature.

I decided to do the Enchanted Rose because it was my girlfriend’s birthday at the end of 2016. Then Beauty and the Beast is my lover’s favorite Disney movie, I was sure it would be the perfect homemade birthday present. With the live action movie version also released in 2017, there could never have been a better time to recreate the enchanted rose.

Although heavily inspired by the Disney movie, this Intractable is also inspired by sk8r540’s Beauty and the Beast – I’ve Beast Rose Replica, so check it out.

I hope my girlfriend likes the enchanted rose, and I hope you enjoy the Intractable too! Your comments and requests are welcome, and I strive to answer each one.

Beauty and the Beast Rose fairy Tale Story

Beauty and the Beast. Originally a cento de hades traditional written by the French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740. This extensive version was summarizes and rewritten by Jeanne-Marie Leporine de Beaumont in 1756 to produce the version viewed with greater frequency.

The Disney Movie

Released in 1991, it was Disney’s 30th active film. It was a box office victory and became the first Disney film to be change into a Broadway musical. In 2002, Beauty and the Beast Rose The film was particular for preservation in the National Film Records office by the Library of Congress for being “culturally, factually, or beautifully important”.

In 2014, it was announced that a live-action new version was in the works and was due for release on March 17, 2017.

An old mendicant offered a magical flower delivered to a prince by an old mendicant in exchange for shelter from the cold. Rejected by the prince and seeing no love in his heart, she cast a spell on him that bowed him into a beast. He left the rose, promising her that it would bloom until she was twenty-one. If he could learn to love before the last petal fell, the spell would be broken; otherwise, he would doomed to remain a beast forever.

The bell and the base

The first thing you will need for this Instructable is a base and a bell. For those unfamiliar with them, they come in different designs and sizes and are often use in laboratories, but can also be used as display cases or dust covers.

Try to get the biggest bell possible as it will easier to choose a rose to fit later, my pot dimensions  21.5cm (height) x 11.5cm (width) (see diagram attached for complete dimensions). I opted for the Lights4Fun UK “glass dome hood”, otherwise check eBay, Amazon or try your local retailers.

There are different opinions on what the bell should look like. The design featured in the original Disney active movie is one with straight sides and a clustered glass button at the top, but I’ve also seen recreations with slanted edges or no button at the top. Disney seems to have varied the design of the new film, so one could argue that anything goes. Mine has straight sides and a single button at the top, so it’s based on the original animated movie version.

To make things easier, try to choose a cloche that comes with a base that has a slot for the jar. You will also need a cut out light cable slot if your base doesn’t already have one (mine does), just cut a notch about 5mm wide. In the movie the bell sits on a side table, for convenience and simplicity I stick to a separate wooden base.

Enchanted Rose Skin

The enchanted rose has been recreate many times in different ways, and its appearance is the subject of much debate. Some say the rose should be pink, and others prefer it red. Some people opt for a straight bell, while others prefer a contoured pot. You may have noticed that Disney itself changed the look of the rose and the bell in the animated and live-action versions. I imagine there’s a bit of creative freedom in recreating it, but my choices will be explain in every way.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Don’t we all love flowers and especially red roses? It is the most incredible feeling that our loved ones give us something unique that lasts forever. Our Beauty & The Beast Forever Glow Rose is a fantastic way to let someone know that they are unique to you.

Finding the perfect gift for many occasions can get quite frantic. However, our Beauty & The Beast Continually Glow Rose makes it super simple as it’s pretty, elegant and lasts forever, so your love will bloom forever.

The New Explorations of Beauty and the Beast Rose

Beauty and the Beast Rose

The rose appears in both issues of the comic. The first comic’s first story arc can seen briefly, with it still not having bloomed yet, though it had blossom by the end of the third arc of the same issue. The second issue shows that two pedals have fallen and implies at one point that it wilting has just happened recently.

Apart from the introduction, where the rose  seen on the window panes, and briefly in the West Wing, she made her first appearance after the Beast’s failed attempt to convince Belle to come to dinner with him. During this section, it was reveal that at least four petals fell before that one, and Lumiere mentioned beforehand that the rose started to wilt months before. After the Beast heard Belle’s comment about wanting nothing to do with him and was hurt by the analysis, the fifth petal fell; feeling that any chance of breaking the spell at that point was thin to none.

The rose was later seen again when Beauty entered the West Wing without the Beast’s permission, where she met her and then remove the glass cover before attempting to touch its petals. However, the Beast was worries that Belle would drop the rose petals prematurely, costing him his humanity. He grabbed her, replaced the glass cover, and criticized her for contradicting him. He then shouts at her to get out of the west wing, which she does (even if she also leaves the castle, causing the Beast to save her from the wolves). She then realizes that she must control her temper if she wants to break the spell.

About Beauty And The Beast Rose

Beauty and the Beast Rose

  • Beauty And The Beast Rose Kit: The Beauty and the beast glass rose includes red silk rose, LED string lights, fallen petals, a glass dome, wooden base, which is an excellent gift for mother’s day and can add a touch more beautiful colors your romantic date.
  • Beautiful Artificial Flower: The petals of the rose are very realistic and vivid. They are soft and velvety. The blooming flower is beautiful and accurate, never fades, and is delicate and charming. As it is easy to clean and continue, it is the perfect decoration in your room for a long time.
  • Beauty and the Beast Rose Simple And Durable, 100% Safe. The pink light power by 3 AAA batteries (not included in the package). The glass cover brings better visual effects to people and effectively protects the eternal rose inside. The LED string lights made with high quality flexible and waterproof copper wire.
  • Eternal Rose For Eternal Love! Great For Any Occasion! The never fading red rose glass dome represents Faith in Love Forever. It’s a particular way of saying, “I love you more with time”. Great for home decor and would look fabulous anywhere you like. It is also an excessive gift for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Wedding, or Birthday.
  • WARRANTY: DAN DUO Is Professionally Supplying Gift Flowers: preserved flower, immortal flower. 24K gold flower, 24K gold plated rose, Beauty and Beast rose LED glass dome. Please enter our store to learn more details. We are focusing on the customer experience, if you have any questions about the product. Please get in touch with us, and you will get an acceptable solution.


Beauty and the Beas Roseis a when the beast who was a prince turn into a human once again because of true love. Belle, the lead female in the story showed true love disregarding how the beast looks.