Greeting cards: We held a little best christmas card websites for our party to celebrate our three-month wedding anniversary. Under a triangle-shaped tree that swings to the side to display all the information, I created several invitations using black and gold washi tape. These make excellent invitations but also make perfect tropical christmas cards. If you enjoy crafting cards, you should also look at the last-minute Christmas greeting cards I prepared last year.

I created them with supplies I already had. After producing a million paper flowers, we still have plenty of watercolor paper. Although they’re simple to make in any size, my cards are 3 1/2 x 5 inches and fit in the extra envelopes of our reply cards you want.

What you require is the following:

Boxes or heavy paper

a ruler, cutting mat, and a Xacto

5mm nail, pencil, ruler, and washi tape

In this way:

My paper is 3 1/2 x 5 inches, so cut it to size. Per card, you must cut two rectangles.

On each rectangle’s shorter edge, indicate the center with a pencil.

Set your straight edge parallel to the bottom-left corner’s center mark.


Repeat for the triangle’s right side.

  1. The front and interior of your card are now a triangle and a rectangle.
  2. Set aside your triangle. Put your first piece of washi tape so the bottom corner and centre mark line up.
  3. To completely enclose the paper, use two additional strips of tape top corner
  4. Turn the rectangle over, then trim the extra tape.
  5. Follow steps 7 through 9 again for the opposite side.
  6. You now have a lovely triangle and a dressed rectangle.
  7. Place the triangle exactly on top of the triangle made out of blank paper inside the rectangle by placing it on top of the rectangle. Cut a hole through both pieces of paper with the Xacto knife at the top of the triangle. Brad’s legs should fit in the spot without any problems.
  8. Put the nail through the triangle’s hole.
  9. After the nail on the back of the card.
  10. Now, it’s a reliable map!
  11. Place your greeting and good wishes in the triangle. Holidays inside. Or, if you’re making invitations, list your party details. If you have a reliable printer, you can print your text on cardstock and cut it out. The cover of this card would look super cute, with a greeting stamped with letters from a stamp set.
  12. That is, insert the nail into the rectangle’s hole