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Breast Augmentation Write for Us

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Reminder Some women, even after puberty, may naturally have little or no breasts. The mammary gland develops little, as does the fatty tissue around it. The breasts are evocative of femininity, and sensuality, and a woman who has very small breasts can be more or less complex. Most often, women regret a lack of harmony, a discrepancy, with the rest of their bodies, especially if they have voluptuous bodies. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

The benefits of breast augmentation are multiple. It makes it possible to obtain a more voluminous, curved, and feminine breast, and the placement of implants also brings a new outfit. This act makes it possible to remedy malformations such as tuberous breasts (in the shape of a tube) or asymmetries and thus correct defects that are sources of sometimes very deep complexes. Finally, it allows you to “choose” your new breast in a way: its volume, but also its shape, by choosing a more or less round or anatomical prosthesis.

The Beneficial Effects of Breast Augmentation

A plastic, aesthetic, and/or restorative surgery intervention – in this case, breast augmentation – aims to improve the appearance of the breasts, by giving them more volume and/or by correcting certain imperfections, very often at the origin of malaise and a more or less important complex according to the women.

The objective on the patient’s side is therefore to get rid of this complex thanks to a body modification, to finally feel good in her “woman’s” body.

Thus, the surgeon restores, through this intervention, the self-image. And also, A body that would be closer to who we are. Surgery, therefore, allows us to be in tune with ourselves and restore self-confidence.

More concretely, increasing the size of the breasts makes it possible to achieve harmony in the silhouette which makes it possible to wear clothes that enhance us more, and therefore boost self-esteem.

The key Importance of the Consultation with the Surgeon

Breast enlargement has many positive psychological effects, both in terms of overall well-being and seduction. Nevertheless, being satisfied with your breast augmentation (and in general with any cosmetic surgery procedure) is directly linked to the choice of your surgeon.

Why? Because choosing a serious and experienced surgeon will allow you to avoid the pitfalls of surgery. It is precisely the job of any good plastic surgeon to avoid psychological sequelae. They also pay particular attention to the various preoperative consultations.

It is during the consultation that he will make sure of your state of health, that he will identify the possible contraindications, whether in terms of drug treatment but also from a psychological point of view, in particular, detect possible. Because a patient suffering from this disease – this psychological disorder characterized by an excessive obsession with a defect in the appearance, here of the breasts – will not find satisfaction after the intervention. The problem will always be there, or even worse. A surgeon can and must refuse an intervention when he considers that it is not a good idea.

It is also during these interviews that he will ask you questions, to know your motivations, and he will ensure that your expectations are realistic.

A serious surgeon will inform you, and provide you with detailed information on the desired intervention, whether on the benefits or also the risks.

He gives you all this information in the form of a file, accompanied by a detailed estimate, and, if he agrees to operate on you, gives you time to think it over which allows you to confirm or invalidate his decision.

The choice of surgeon and your psychological balance is therefore intimately linked to the success of this intervention and the satisfaction you will derive from it!

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