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bridal make up (1)How to do Bridal Makeup?

Bridal make up With the skin completely prepared, we will start making up the eyes. I will use a base shadow in a neutral tone, a very natural, very light pink tone, and I will use it as a base for this bridal makeup. I apply it to the mobile eyelid, and I blur to a fixed eyelid.

Its Steps:

  • Bridal make up Now, if we are going to play with the color and the palette that I chose, it will be in pink tones, which in general, is a tone that brides choose.
  • I am going to apply a pink shadow on the entire mobile eyelid, it is a pink satin shadow, and I use it on the whole of the mobile eyelid. The pink tones usually soften the face a lot and illuminate it.
  • With a darker pink tone, I am going to start marking the area of ​​the eye’s corner to give depth, I am simply applying the colour in the corner, and I take it slightly towards the eye socket. I am using a rounded body brush but with a bevelled tip.
  • Once we finish blending, Bridal make up we apply an intermediate pink tone and take it towards the center of the mobile eyelid, thus creating a gradient of colour and giving more depth to the look. We blend so that there are no lines and do the same with the other eye.
  • We return to the darkest pink and reinforce it in the area of ​​the corner of the eye. We climb towards the account to continue playing with the depth and blur. We mark the lower lashes with the light pink that we use in the center of the mobile eyelid, which we accompany at the root of the lower lashes.
  • We return to give another intensity in the eye socket starting from the corner; Bridal make up now, we apply false eyelashes. To use the false eyelashes, you are going to lift the eyelid slightly, you are going to accommodate yourself at the base of the natural eyelash, and from the center to the side, accommodate the false eyelash by pressing lightly on the bottom of the eyelid so that the eyelash sticks.
  • Once you finish applying the false eyelashes while they adhere well, you will use a point of light on the tear duct; the end of light opens the look and illuminates it. Once you have made sure that the false eyelashes are fixed and well glued, apply mascara.
  • You will support your finger on the mobile eyelid and press the natural eyelash on the false one using your finger as support so as not to stain the mobile eyelid. Bridal make up Always use waterproof mascara when you are making up a bride.
  • Now to hide the false eyelashes and make them look natural, you are going to close in the torn area with gel eyeliner, a bevelled brush you are going to start from the tear duct towards the false eyelash.
  • Now outline the face in warm tones with a very soft beige or brown tone. To give a friendly manner, you will apply a touch of blush in an ashen peach tone on the middle eyelid.
  • For the lips, we are going to use a very natural tone.
  • First, you must outline so that later the technique you use lasts much longer and does not move, you are going to help yourself with a liner, and then you are going to fill in with lipstick in the same tone.
  • You give a touch of gloss in the centre of the lips to provide juiciness, and finally, we will apply a glimmer of light to the skin with an illuminator. I am going to use an illuminator with cold contacts to continue working in the same range of colours, I apply it on the high cheekbone, the arch of the eyebrow, and the bridge of the nose, and I can give a touch on the fixed eyelid, and that is how we finish this makeup of bride in classic tones

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