Burberry nails Girls go crazy for Burberry nail designs, and you can’t stay home like this! Whether planning a party or going on vacation, these new Burberry Nail Ideas detailed plaid patterns will stick with you.

If you are going for your regular shape session, this post will help you and your nail artist try something unique on your nails. In this post, I have selected and compiled a list of the 15 best Burberry nail art designs that you should try this term.

If you have long coffin nails, this is the best time to decorate them with the traditional Burberry brand plaid design.

Gorgeous Burberry Nail Design Ideas for You

Burberry Nails

Below are the best and perfect Burberry nail design ideas you can think of. According to my observations, many famous nail artists recreate these nail designs.

If you like gothic nail designs, you will love these too. I have reviewed many images to find the most beautiful nail designs for you.

These Burberry nail designs will be your best friends this winter season.

The above design is excellent. You have to branch a tape on the nail and close the side. Do the magic on the other side and remove the video when you’re done. This design will amaze your followers.

The following is an advanced style for Burberry butterfly nail art designs. Creating this design is not difficult. Cut the masking tape into butterfly wings. It is how the magic happens.

Nails Striping Tape Burberry Nail Art

I am indeed a romantic for nail art challenges because I think I can do them all. Frankly, I’m crazy, but I couldn’t resist when the CBB decided to have some fun with a themed beauty pageant this month, which can be achieved through nail art or makeup, I couldn’t resist. Today’s theme is “Plaid”, which brings to mind a manicure I’ve wanted to try: “Burberry Nails”!

I thought of doing this with straight lines and nail polish, but if there’s one thing that tensions me out about nail art, it’s straight free lines. After seeing this pin from Nails by Cambria nail artist, I decided to rely on duct tape for my perfect lines, but that, too, was hard! I have pretty steady hands, but making a series of consecutive lines didn’t feel like my cup of tea, and with a pattern like the iconic Burberry plaid, everything had to be perfect!

The started by painting all my nails with two coats of Butter London – Crumpet. I used two coats of Burberry – Optic White for the white sections and drew vertical lines. And also, I tried to be as straight as possible, but the slightly curved edge can be hidden with tape! When your polish is half dry, start applying your black and red striped tape. I started with black and finished with red. The most time-consuming thing was to trim all the excess video. I’m not kidding. Each nail took about 5 minutes to stick!

I will always love how this manicure turned out in photos because it looks pretty ugly in real life! I should add that I didn’t apply a top coat after taking my pictures because some top coats can discolor the stripe. However, I’m sitting now with bits of tape flaking off my nails, so I don’t know if I can hold this mania longer than tomorrow, even though I had it done last night.

Nails  Bright May Florals

Burberry Nails

Finally, May arrived, and our theme: you guessed it, flowers! Making flowers is always so fun as the color combinations are endless and can be interpreted differently. I was in a good mood as we entered warmer weather and was inspired by this Nail Trail pin! Read on to find out what shades I used to create this bright, cheery, springy manicure!

Although I didn’t plan on creating this design with just OPI Nature Strong polishes, the collection turned out to have all the perfect shades! I cannot praise this collection more highly, both for its selection of colors and its ease of use!

Types of Burberry Design Nails

Burberry Nails

Sometimes all we need is some Burberry nails ️Acrylic

Detailed tutorial and close up visuals of how to do nails. In this nail design, the wine-red nail polish on all nails does not grip the attention as the masterpiece on the ring finger does. Shop for Burberry nail polish at Nordstrom.

Burberry Nails

Watch me do my extra long nails! This nail look is Burberry inspired nails. Pink plaid nail strips colour polish wraps.

Precious Han Burberry nails

Watch me do my extra long nails! Once my nails were dry, I placed a few Kiko Milano’s nail glitter tape to my nails with tweezers. This nail look is Burberry inspired nails.

Paleberry Burberry Nails

Nail art from the nails journal nail art gallery, mixed media, acrylic, freehand, lines. This nail look is Burberry inspired nails. This colour is from the Burberry fall 2014 beauty collection; however, the unusual shade of gold makes it suitable for any season.

Burberry pink, Nails looking good

A fashion accessory that will not go unnoticed. My favorite part is the hand & foot/leg massages which are always relaxing. And, since Burberry traditional gold is much darker than your typical gold polish, it’ll also look great on your nails during the months.

Globe & Nail Burberry Nail Art

Ad by wickedpixieco ad from the shop. I only get manicures and pedicures, so I can not speak further, but the service is excellent and friendly. Watch me do my extra long nails!

The first confirmed record of nail art belongs to the short-lived Inca Empire (1438-1533), one of the largest empires in South America at the time. The Incas decorated their nails by painting eagles on them. In 1770, the first luxury gold and silver manicure sets were created.

Technically advanced Nail Art?

Oceans away, the 15th-century Incas invented “nail art” as we know it: They decorated their nails with intricate images of eagles.

I had so much fun drawing tigers on my nails for Lunar New Year and went looking for more tiger nail art! Stumbled across the CUTEST Tigger design from Dahlia Nails a while back, but let’s face it, Tigger and the whole Winnie the Pooh crew will always be excellent, just like the Sesame Street family!

I apologize for the Cheeto-Esque cuticle on Tigger. There was a mishap, and I had to paint OVER my mistake as I hate deleting the whole nail, so there are like six layers of polish on poor Tigger! I used SH Insta-Dri in Sunset Orange* as my base and then hand-painted the black stripes with acrylic paint. For Tigger’s face, I used the nude polish “Antique” from CND and acrylic paint for the details. What I think makes this manicure cool is that they are matte! I was going to go with a high polish, but I tested it out on my thumb, and I liked the effect that Jo from Dahlia Nails had to go on, so I’m glad I did it!

My Experience with Burberry Nail Polish

Burberry Nails

The nail polish comes in a fair glass bottle. The bottle design is unique, and the cap covers almost 2/3 of the bottle; in fact, it is oddly shaped. The hat features the same iconic Burberry design throughout. The applicator is a broad, flat brush—the shade name published at the bottom of the bottle.

I like to use darker tones on my lips and nails with the future winter season. Oxblood is Burberry’s iconic shade, a deep burgundy red, stunning. Perfect for this time of year. I will non say that this is a unique shade, you can definitely find a similar shade for a very affordable price range.

Ox Blood nail polish dries very fast. It takes 2-3 minutes to dry completely, which is impressive. The nail polish is super pigment, so just one coat is enough to cover a nail completely.


Here we’re at the end of our thoughtful and inspirational Burberry nail ideas for you. Hope you found the one to your liking. Can’t wait to see you girls blooming in elegance in these designs. These are the fifteen best nail designs of 2022 which you can try. Make the year amazing with the nail designs. However, I am now sitting here with pieces of tape lifting from my nails so I don’t know if I will be able to keep this manicure for more than tomorrow even though I just did it last night. I will forever enjoy how this manicure turned out in photos because it’s lookin’ pretty ugly in real life.

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