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business engagement (1)Business engagement is an interaction between employers, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and other human resource development and educational organizations that results in measurable improvement in desired outcomes for both parties. The involvement of business and industry is a crucial component in the training and placement of job seekers with disabilities. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

Business engagement can range from purely consultative connections to long-term calculated partnerships. In a 2010 publication, the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce distinguished between a narrow advisory or transactional role for employers and one based on ‘strategic partnerships’ (Parker, 2010).

Approaching employers as powerful strategic partners means looking beyond the immediate needs of a program or university and looking for ways to make local employers or industries competitive. It requires developing ongoing problem-solving and program development skills. To do this, you need to listen to employers instead of asking them less, “What can you do for us?” and more “, Where is your pain? How can we help you overcome your challenges?

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Effective business engagement closes the gap between employers’ demand for skilled, well-educated workers and the supply of workers with the skills needed for the labor market. While many agencies, universities, and worker organizations are increasingly focusing on involving businesses in designing education and training programs, research shows that employers struggle to find workers with the required skills. Closing this gap through corporate engagement is critical to growing the national economy and ensuring jobs and progress for all.

The Public Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system is poised to become the nation’s leading provider of careers for people with disabilities and employment solutions for businesses. By developing and implementing innovative engagement strategies, the VR system and agencies create real added value for employers and employment agencies for job seekers with disabilities.

A partnership with a VR agency can meet the following business wants:

  • Access to a new talent pool of qualified job seekers.
  • Access to a team of employment specialists and VR consultants with knowledge and experience related to the employment needs of people with disabilities.
  • Orientation and advice on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), housing and accessibility.
  • Disability awareness training.
  • Advice on compliance with Section 503 and tax incentives.
  • Create and fund a variety of work experiences, including on-the-job training and internships.
  • Opportunities to work with community colleges, community rehabilitation programs, and other organizations that address corporate employment needs.

For people with disabilities, a VR business commitment model meets the following requirements:

  • Access accurate and timely labor market information for career planning and decisions.
  • More integrated and competitive pre-employment work experience opportunities.
  • High-quality job search services.
  • Increased face-to-face interaction with recruiting staff.
  • Access to employment opportunities tailored to individual needs and abilities.
  • Better results (wages, hours, benefits).

fundamental principles

Building solid relationships with businesses and industry can lead to positive outcomes for employers and job seekers. Business appointment ranges from purely advisory interactions to long-term strategic partnerships.

The following characteristics distinguish committed employer relationships from close advisory relationships:

  • Ongoing: Cultivate long-term relationships rather than episodic, one-time, or short-term transactions as needed.
  • Strategic: Approach deals in the context of specific plans, opportunities, and goals rather than on a one-off basis when the agency needs help.
  • Mutually valuable: solve problems and create value for both sides of the labor market: companies (the demand side) and VR providers and consumers (the supply side).
  • Broad: Involve a wide variety of organizations by using different methods to recruit and engage large numbers, rather than relying on one or a few of the usual representatives.
  • Comprehensive: Engaging businesses in a variety of topics and activities, ranging from program development and capacity assessment to consumer advice and mediation, and political advocacy on critical issues.
  • Intense: Engage in substantial and deep ways with companies that take high-level conversations (“We need more qualified candidates”) into an in-depth dialogue about specific skills, long-term business needs, and strengths and weaknesses of education and Virtual Reality programs to help them get together.
  • Empowerment: encourage companies to develop and take leadership roles in developing care pathways and other initiatives; Approach potential business partners early in the process and not just towards the end.
  • Institutionally diverse: engaging with businesses through a variety of channels, including industry or professional associations, public workforce investment boards (one-stop-shop career centers), chambers of commerce, job training associations, workers and managers and economic development agencies (Wilson, 2015) .

Uniting ideas and industry

Bring your company’s innovative ideas to market and build successful startups with us. From robotics to architecture and data science to business analytics, we can help you build bridges to success in our hometown of Pittsburgh, a city known for reinvention.

Custom and collaborative partnerships

Your company can access research opportunities that drive industry-wide progress, advancing your business while nurturing the skills of your people and turning your brilliant ideas into market success.

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