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Business engagement is an interaction between employers, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and other human resource development and educational organizations that results in measurable improvement in desired outcomes for both parties. The involvement of business and industry is a crucial component in the training and placement of job seekers with disabilities.

Business engagement can range from purely consultative connections to long-term calculated partnerships. In a 2010 publication, the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce distinguished between a narrow advisory or transactional role for employers and one based on ‘strategic partnerships’ (Parker, 2010).

Approaching employers as powerful strategic partners means looking beyond the immediate needs of a program or university and looking for ways to make local employers or industries competitive. It requires developing ongoing problem-solving and program development skills. To do this, you need to listen to employers instead of asking them less.

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Effective business engagement closes the gap between employers’ demand for skilled, well-educated workers and the supply of workers with the skills needed for the labor market. While many agencies, universities, and worker organizations are increasingly focusing on involving businesses in designing education and training programs, research shows that employers struggle to find workers with the required skills. Closing this gap through corporate engagement is critical to growing the national economy and ensuring jobs and progress for all.

The Public Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system is poised to become the nation’s leading provider of careers for people with disabilities and employment solutions for businesses. By developing and implementing innovative engagement strategies, the VR system and agencies create real added value for employers and employment agencies for job seekers with disabilities.

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