In this economy, business owners always look for ways to improve their companies’ bottom line while maintaining quality and keeping costs down. One way they can do this is by outsourcing their transcription services, which can be pricey when done in-house.

Transcription services like this can provide your business with accurate and timely transcripts at an affordable price, freeing up valuable time that can be spent on tasks that directly contribute to your company’s growth. Here’s how transcribers can help improve business operations from the ground up!

What is Transcription?

Simply put, it’s when you listen to audio or a video and then write down what you hear. Businesses must transcribe recorded meetings, interviews, lectures, and many other situations for easy record keeping and reference, among other benefits.

If you think about all your favourite TV shows and movies, chances are there was a transcriptionist behind that effort. Think fast-paced medical dramas like ER or House M.D., where patients come in with unique cases each episode.

What Does a Transcript Do?

A transcript’s primary purpose is to record a particular speech or interview so that it can remain played back later in its original form, but audio transcription also has plenty of uses outside of simply providing an accurate record.

In order to understand how best to use enterprise transcription service, you must first understand what makes transcripts worthwhile.

There are two basic ways to make use of transcripts: 1.) they can remain used as playback tools for speakers who want to go over their speeches and presentations; 2.) they can serve as powerful research tools by collecting data from interviews and speeches.

Why Use an Audio Recording/Transcript?

Audio transcriptions can help businesses improve their communications with clients, patients, and customers. If you’re already recording calls (which you should be), it makes sense to transcribe them. Here are a few reasons why you might want to have your audio recordings transcribed:

  • Getting transcripts of your voice mail messages or missed phone calls can allow you to re-play the messages later and offer responses if needed.
  • Your team members who work remotely may not always be able to answer phone calls themselves but will know when an important call comes in if they have a transcript of the message in their email inbox.
  • Transcripts can remain used to show consumers how they remain treated by customer service representatives. For example, you could use a transcription as evidence that the customer could not resolve their issue on their own after following instructions given by a CSR over the phone.
  • Some people like having written conversation records, so they don’t forget what was said. Transcripts are helpful for any situation where there is a need for clarity in communication between two parties.

How Businesses Operations Benefit from Using an Audio Recording

It goes without saying that businesses operate with many moving parts and various tasks remained juggled at any given time. Overlapping deadlines can be challenging to deal with, so here’s how recording audio to write an accurate transcript helps a business keep things on track.

  1. Businesses recording their phone calls can access transcribed recordings to help them make informed decisions. They can assess performance, work with multiple callers at once, and identify improvements that need to be made in real-time.
  2. Businesses with software programs will want to update them often as technology improves or new products are launched. Staying on top of updates is easier when you have your transcripts regularly updated, allowing you to use new features as they become available. Some transcribing software can also offer translation, which may prove helpful in communicating with clients who may not understand your language.
  3. An accurate enterprise transcribing service means businesses don’t need to worry about missing key details when listening to a recording.
  4. Streamlining internal communications – With a complete record of all conversations in the office, there’s no need to take extensive notes during meetings. The transcripts can provide you with an accurate account of who said what and how they said it, which will make discussions easier to revisit in the future.
  5. Improving customer service – If you’re looking for ways to differentiate yourself as a business offering high-quality customer service, invest in professional transcribing and translation services.
  6. Reducing errors – Errors are one of the most significant barriers to effective communication, so anything you can do to minimize them should pay dividends when it comes to improving business operations.


The business world remain fast-paced, and it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything in your industry. That’s why so many companies rely on professional transcribing services.

By outsourcing the audio transcriptions to a professional company or individual, you can free up valuable time that would otherwise remain spent typing notes or making phone calls.