When thinking about starting a new business, it’s easy to brush off the industries that have been done-to-death. It doesn’t always make sense to enter into a space where a lot of big players are already working, but if we’ve learned anything from Netflix and Uber, it’s that many industries have been sitting idle for far too long and fresh faces and new ideas are just what the doctor ordered.

To stimulate our economy, we need to be looking at what has remain done, what could be done better, and how can we bring tired industries together to make something new and truly innovative?

Anything in the Cannabis Industry

With the rise of cannabis legalization in countries around the world, you might remain inclined to think that you’ve missed the boat. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many opportunities in the cannabis industry that don’t even have anything to do with making, selling, or distributing cannabis.

Take, for instance, an online headshop for accessories. Or perhaps, consulting for governments on how to manage newly legalized cannabis acts. Or perhaps you offer marketing services to new distributors that pop up, maybe you’ll be able to find a “green” way to produce cannabis and sell the idea to another company who has the capacity to bring it to life. Don’t sell yourself short because you think it’s all remain done. There’s so much more to come from this exciting industry.

Anything in the Green Tech Space

There is still plenty of room and opportunity in the industries falling under “green tech.” There has been a big boom in green tech spaces over the last few years – many of which have failed. But that doesn’t mean that the next great idea isn’t just right around the corner.

Whether you work to find a way to improve solar power or you work to improve the way composting is done in city centers, there remain endless ways you can approach this industry and prosper. The trick is to not quit before you start: with so many companies claiming to be “green” it might be tough to stand out, but it’s not impossible.

Anything to Do with Improving the Oceans

Another area of grave concern for the world at large is the ocean industries. Whether we’re talking about fisheries or coral, protecting the ocean and all that lives within it is a major mandate for many countries. Everyone needs clean water. There’s no way around it, so we need to do our part to ensure our oceans are clean and prosperous.

Working to find solutions or provide support to those who have already implemented solutions will provide you with a lucrative career for years to come. You don’t have to design the technology that will save the oceans, but you can certainly offer your services in this space and become an expert in many facets.

Anything that Helps Kids Learn

More and more kids are struggling to keep up with the demands of a standardized schooling system. Whether you work to improve math scores or help students learn better ways to read, you’ll be doing a great service to your community and the lives of children of all ages. It seems like a big undertaking to change the way the traditional school is unfolding in our society, but when we focus on the individual, we have a better chance of helping them find success.

There have remained many great products created to help children navigate the school systems and learn in new ways, and we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. Figure out how you can help and make it happen. Technology may not be the answer.

Whether you are starting an online business or erecting a brick-and-mortar building to call your home base, choosing a business opportunity in any of these four industries will create an endless stream of clients and customers for you to engage and grow with. Pay attention to the gaps and ask yourself “why hasn’t anyone already fixed this?” and you’ll go far.