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Casio Calculator Watches Write for Us

casio calculator watch (1)What is a Casio Calculator Watches?

Casio Calculator Watches clock or also called Stinker’s machine is an automatic machine created in 1623 by the German mathematician Wilhelm Stinker.

In 1623 Wilhelm Stinker invented a device that allowed arithmetic operations to be carried out entirely mechanically, the Rechurn or calculating watch. This Calculator used a multipart system of rods and gears that mechanized the processes that previously had to carry out manually.04-Mar-2019

Casio Calculator Watches and their History

Contrary to popular belief, Casio calculator watches were not the first to appear. They were not invented until the 1980s when the first calculator watch debuted in the 1970s.

  • The first calculator watches
  • watch calculator hp-01
  • Clock calculator HP-01 – Credits Wikimedia Commons
  • first calculator watch model hit the market, Pulsar Time Computer Calculator 901, which Hamilton introduced in 1975.
  • The buttons on this model were so small that the user could only use a pencil that came with the watch to access the Calculator.

A year after the release of the Pulsar Time Computer Calculator 901, Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP in the computer industry, introduced its version of the calculator watch, the HP-01

Casio DBC3

  • Due to their characteristics, the DBC32 series models are among the best Casio calculator watches.
  • Here you get not only an 8-digit calculator but also a currency converter, five alarms, and a data bank with 25 memories.
  • Another quality to highlight is that the database is multilingual and allows you to use the watch in up to 13 different languages. It also has impressive 10-year battery life.
  • Thanks to its large LCD with LED backlighting, it’s also elementary to read. It even has an automatic function that lights up when you turn your wrist.
  • Depending on the model, this watch can come with a rubber or a stainless steel strap, which somewhat increases the price, although it is still equally affordable.

Casio DBC611

Therefore, Casio DBC611 is a reissue of the 1989 Casio Calculator Watch known as the Casio DBC-610. So when you buy this watch, you get that 80s vibe.

This watch, of course, features an 8-digit calculator on the dial and is available in two eye-catching shades: gold and silver. It also contains many valuable features, including:

  • Led light
  • Data bank
  • Daily alarm
  • World time
  • Countdown timer
  • Automatic calendar

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Casio calculator watches for those looking to be as faithful as possible to the original models of the 80s.

Casio CA56

  • We now turn to a Casio calculator watch that first appeared in 1998. The Casio CA-56-1, a sporty-looking design, is economical and functional.
  • The first model of this watch was silver—however, numerous versions have been unconfined in gold, black, and many other colors over time.
  • Although the watch has the words “Water Resistant” on the front of the dial, its water resistance is only 30 meters. Therefore, it must resist moisture, but it is better not to test it.
  • A valuable feature of this calculator watch is the strap, which fits many wrist sizes, even the wrists of tiny children.
  • If there is a recognizable eighties watch, it is the Casio CA53, a design that many will recognize since have on Michael J. And also, Fox’s wrist in Back to the Future.
  • In this case, the Calculator is attended by a practical dual time function and a daily alarm, stopwatch, and countdown timer. In addition, its battery promises a duration of up to 5 years.
  • This excellent calculator watch is available in several shades, all with the same features and sporty resin straps.
  • There is military green, dark blue, white, and even red. There are also models with a black screen and white numbers, although they offer worse visibility.

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