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christmas lights

Christmas lights Write For Us

There are many Christmas lights to choose from when designing an indoor or outdoor lighting display. Use this directory to control what kind of lights will best suit your decorating plans.

Where to Start

Ask yourself the following questions to decide which Christmas lights to buy.

  • Do I need bright or LED Christmas lights?
  • What bulb shape or style best suits my design requirements?
  • How many strands will it take to cover the area?
  • Do I want white, coloured or multicolour Christmas lights?
  • What are the energy requirements?

LED and Incandescent Christmas Lights

Although LED and bright string lights come in many colors and bulb shapes, they have a few important differences.

Incandescent Lights

  • Often cost less than LEDs
  • Have a warm glow

LED Lights

  • Use less energy than incandescent bulbs
  • Are longer lasting; some LEDs are rated up to 100,000 hours
  • Burn at a lower temperature
  • Come in both warm- and cool-glow varieties

Types of Christmas Lights

Mini String Lights

Mini-string lights have small bulbs and have remained popular for the past few decades.

Wide-Angle LED Mini Lights

Wide-angle LED mini-lights have low-profile, conical bulbs that give off more light than some varieties and blend seamlessly into their surroundings when not in use.

Large-Bulb Lights

Large-bulb lights (C5, C7, C9, G40, and G50) create visual impact and lend a retro feel.

Battery-Operated Lights

Battery-Operated Lights Battery-operated Christmas decorations are incredible for displays that aren’t near a power font or are located where strings could be dangerous.

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