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Cybersecurity Plan Write For UsWhat is a cyber security plan?

A cybersecurity plan specifies the security policies, procedures, and controls necessary to protect an organization against threats and risks. A cybersecurity plan can also outline specific steps that need to be taken to respond to a breach.

Cybercriminals target businesses of all industries and sizes. According to a study by the Better Business Bureau, 22% of small businesses have been the target of cyberattacks.

Almost all cyber attacks aim to obtain personal data for identity theft. Larger organizations store much more information to steal, while smaller businesses have less secure networks, making breaches easier.

Protecting your business from cyberattacks is essential, but some business owners aren’t sure how to do it. Cybersecurity fundamentals will help protect your business and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

To help you evaluate the use of your business’ current cybersecurity practices, here is a 10-step plan to help you navigate the world of cyber threats. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@newyorkersblog.com

Inform your employees about your cybersecurity policies.

Configure IT cybersecurity practices and policies for your employees. It includes requiring solid passwords and establishing appropriate Internet usage guidelines that thoroughly review your company’s cybersecurity policies.

Update your software.

Cybercriminals can break into your computer network through legacy applications with known vulnerabilities. Make sure to regularly install software updates and patches for applications and operating systems as soon as they are available.

Install a firewall.

One of the first lines of defense in a cyber attack is a solid firewall. We recommend that all small and medium businesses install a firewall to create a barrier between your data and cybercriminals. Installing built-in firewalls is also an effective practice to provide additional protection.

How do metrics inform a cybersecurity plan?

Security leaders can use metrics to identify risk in an organization’s attack surface or vendor ecosystem. Metrics also play a role in measuring the performance of security and risk programs over time. Additionally, benchmarking by metrics allows organizations to see how their security programs compare to peers and competitors.

Benefits of Cyber ​​Security Plans

The BitSight Security rating platform offers solutions that security leaders can leverage when creating cybersecurity plans.

• BitSight for security performance management

. BitSight helps organizations measurably reduce cyber risk through broad measurement, continuous monitoring, and detailed planning and forecasting. With BitSight, security and risk leaders can continuously monitor, measure, and communicate the effectiveness of the controls they apply to keep their organizations safe. BitSight metrics enable security leaders to make faster data-driven decisions about the most significant risks to the organization and where to direct resources to fix them.

• BitSight for third-party risk management.

BitSight provides continuous monitoring capabilities that enable third-party risk management teams to better monitor vendor security performance without sitting back and relying on vendors self-reporting cybersecurity data. BitSight instantly reveals cyber risk within the supply chain and helps prioritize resources to fix the most challenging issues to reduce cyber risk.

• BitSight security ratings for comparison.

With BitSight, organizations can continuously monitor and evaluate their security posture and benchmark their performance against peers and industry competitors. BitSight Security Ratings provide a continuous data-driven measure of performance across a wide range of risk factors for a company and its competitors.

• BitSight attack surface analysis.

BitSight enables security leaders to monitor hidden risks across all network environments, including digital cloud assets, subsidiaries, geographies, and remote workforces. With greater visibility into the attack surface and the risks involved, security teams can uncover shadow IT and visualize the areas of most significant threat to prioritize remediation.

Why is BitSight a Leader in Security Ratings?

Founded in 2011, BitSight is changing how companies manage their information security risks. BitSight helps organizations make faster and more strategic decisions about cybersecurity policy and third-party risk management by providing objective, verifiable, actionable security ratings.

Some of the largest organizations and governments rely on BitSight to get a clearer picture of their security situation and that of third-party vendors. More than 2,100 customers use BitSight to monitor 540,000 organizations. And also, Seven of the top 10 cyber insurers conviction BitSight, as do 4 of the top 5 investment banks and the big four accounting firms. BitSight is the choice of 20% of the world’s countries and 25% of Fortune 500 companies.

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