There are hundreds of resources to learn about Data Analytics Courses, but finding which of these resources is the best for you is a big challenge.

That is why we have put together a list of the best data analytics courses and explained how they could help you become an improved data analytics professional.

Armed with the proper knowledge, you can develop into one of the best data analysts in the market. In contrast, you will waste time and money investing in outdated data analysis courses.

What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is the practice of mining data to gather helpful information and make an informed decision.

“It is a capital error to hypothesize before having the data. Insensibly we begin to distort facts to fit theories, rather than theories to fit facts.”

This idea is the basis of data analysis. When we can extract meaning from data, it allows us to make better decisions. And we live in a time where we have more data at our fingertips than ever before.

Why is Data Analysis Critical?

Anyone who works with Data Analytics Courses looks for meaningful relationships in a data set. These relationships are answers to the company’s troubles.

Imagine, for example, that you are creating a marketing campaign. By comparing your customer data, you determine which age group predominates among them. Therefore, you can make a suitable drive for this age group.

As in the example, data analysis can help the company optimize all sectors. Sales teams can learn which customers are most likely to close deals. Additionally, a financial institution can conclude which investments are the most profitable.

In general, data analysis helps managers make better decisions. Data-driven decisions are safer and deliver more satisfying results. Additionally, data analysis itself can generate insights that result in business improvements.

Statistics used for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z

Offered by Udemy, this Data Analytics Courses path covers most of the basic statistics you need to start your data analytics journey. It also touches on the primary test models. The course staff consists of 6 hours of video-on-demand modules with subtitles in various languages. Access to the course material is for life, and you also get a certificate upon completion of the course.

Data Science Course 2022: whole Data Science Bootcamp

Udemy offers this famous data science route with around 4.6 million students enrolled. It covers everything from basic statistics to advanced data analysis with Python. The course fabric consists of 29.5 hours of video-on-demand modules with lifetime access.

Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

It also offered by Udemy, this Data Analytics course focuses on Microsoft Excel. You must know Excel to take this course as it only covers advanced Excel functions and formulas. This course is best for people who work in sales, finance, or marketing.

Data Science Specialization

The system teaches you everything from basic R to rising data crop with R Shiny. It is a Data Science specialization program by Coursera that consists of several courses. John Hopkins offers it, and more than 44 students have already enrolled in the program.

Beginner-level knowledge in Python is preferred to enroll in this specialization program. It takes 11 months to complete the training, including video-on-demand content and hands-on projects. You also get a certificate for completing all courses

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

This course covers basic and advanced data analysis with SQL, R, and Tableau offered by Google Career Certificates. It also provides an optional case study. No previous experience is necessary for this path, and it takes about six months to entire.

Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC move toward Specialization

However the course is listening carefully on Big Data Analytics for Business. It focuses on data cleansing, visualization, and communication within companies. It takes around six months to complete this course. Depending on the subscription commerce Analytics for Data-Driven result Making

This approach to the Edx course is an instructor-paced business data analysis program that focuses on using Mircosoft Power BI for predictive modeling and analysis of corporate data. The target spectators for this course are business managers.

Data Analyst with R

This “data field track” approach comprises 19 courses that teach introductory statistics, database management, and administration with SQL, R from beginner to advanced.

Big Data Analytics with Tableau

This Pluralsight Course approach teaches you fundamental and advanced big data analytics with Tableau. The path content consists of around 4 hours of video on demand.

Data Analysis with Python and SQL

Mostly the Udacity Nano Data Analyst Diploma Program is a 4-month instructor-paced course. Basics for this course include basic information on Python and SQL. The system combines fundamental data analysis and visualization with real projects and CV support.

Become A Data Political Analyst

was offered by LinkedIn Learning, this data political analyst program comprised six courses with over 28 hours of short modules covering basic statistics, data analysis, and the use of advanced software such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Online Data Analytics

It also one of the top options for business analytics. It can instructor-paced data analysis by General Assembly that uses Excel, SQL, and Tableau for data analysis with real-world projects. The course duration is six weeks