Explain How Technology has Affected People’s Activity levels. Technology has shown to have a significant impact on people’s physical health. Spending most of the day sticking to a screen can lead to many physical health problems, including diabetes, overweight, and heart disease. Advancing Technology in the home has reduced physical activity and time spent on housework.

For clinical and research purposes, mensuration physical activity is vital for studying and evaluating its health benefits. As it is a variable with many dimensions (frequency, intensity, mode, duration, volume, context), there is no standardized outcome measure for physical activity, so the choice of physical activity assessment/surrogate measure depends on the dimension studied.

Physical activity levels can also be affected by gender and race/ethnicity. One study found higher physical activity levels among men than women in several US states between 2000 and 2011 but increased physical activity levels among women over the same timeline. A study conducted in the USA presented that, in both men and women, non-Hispanic white adults had higher levels of regular physical activity than any other group. These factors are important to examine and understand how they affect physical activity levels to combat the obesity epidemic and related comorbidities.

Explain How Technology Has Artificial People’s Activity Levels

We say Technology continues shown to have a giant impact on people’s bodily health. It explains how technology affects people’s activity levels. For example, spending large amounts of days glued to a screen can lead to physical health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. In addition, technological advances in the home have reduced physical exercise and the time spent on housework.

How has technology affected people’s activity levels among students?

Although technological development may seem like an easy term at first glance, you cannot strategize this understanding without considering the other two elements; science and society.

At present, science plus Technology has significantly changed the character relationship between humans and the interaction between living beings, actively playing a fundamental role in social progress. Along with smart  and its professional essay writers. We confirm this point in the statement that “technology, technology and modern society, with a history of several decades, has reached the degree of awareness of certain deep social phenomena, in which in practice it has become a technique in which more and more specialists participate.” the origins of the scientific-technological exercise and the contradictory effects it causes on nature, society, as well as thought.”

Technology in Sports activities and Physical Schooling

Before starting the discussion concerning the specific Technology involving sports and primary physical education, we will explain how technology has affected people’s activity levels. According to United Nations Academic Scientific and Social Organization(UNESCO). Technology will be conceptualized as the medical and creative procedure that allows the use of equipment, resources, and techniques to solve problems together with promoting control of the particular natural and synthetic environment in an attempt to enhance the human condition.

The importance of sport and the practice of activities in people’s life

Presently, physical activities integrate many health treatments. For instance, we can mention: remedying of heart diseases, post-operative physical recovery. Fight depression and other psychological illnesses, control of bodyweight. Improve immune functionality, improve strength, versatility, disposition, and overcome a considerable amount of diseases the result of a sedentary lifestyle. That is to say, The exercise of sports or perhaps systematic physical exercise methods can completely modify people’s lives.

Affected People’s Activity Lifestyle levels & Technologies

Despite the wealth of evidence demonstrating the benefits of physical activity, recent federal monitoring data suggest that as of 2015/2016, <30% of US adults and 20% of adolescents are meeting their respective physical activity guidelines for aerobic and strength exercises. Many theories have been formulate to address the issue. How to motivate people to change their behavior and engage in sustained, long-term physical activity. Various factors contribute to physical inactivity, including demographics, physical or mental health conditions, social and relational characteristics, and environmental factors. The complex associations between intra and inter-individual factors and societal and economic factors that influence health behaviors create challenges in conceptualizing and implementing successful interventions to promote behavior change.

Thus, while it was initially being assumed that evidence-base guidelines could encourage individuals to become more physically active. It now quite apparent that this type of rational-educational messaging of needing to “move more” not driving the population-level behavior change that is require to address physical inactivity’s contribution to the burden of disease. With our proposal of the interdependency of Technology as a preferred choice of leisure-time activity and its relationships with physical inactivity trends, frameworks which link enjoyment of activities with the motivation and behavior to habitual activity are most relevant to explore in this context.


Technology has been proven to have a large impact on people’s physical health. Spending large amounts of a day glued to a screen can lead to some academic studies have linked. The rise in screen time (television, computers, video games and mobile devices) to a lack of physical activity in children.

The increased use of technology might affect young adults’ health behavior, including physical activity. It could reduce the cardiorespiratory fitness of the college students if they consistently use their mobile phones or other gadgets. Instead of engaging in active activities.

In a certain way, Technology in sports and physical education should help solve one of the problems caused by the development of Technology.


explain how technology has affected people’s activity levels.
how has technology affected people’s activity levels