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Eye Makeup Write For Us

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Eye makeup on point is not an easy task. Every experienced makeup fanatic has several tips and tricks for the right eye makeup. A perfectly applied eye makeup can accentuate your features and add a touch of color to your face.

To help you create that magic with your eyes, we’ve compiled a list of some cool eye makeup tips for those who are just starting out in the world of makeup. So the next time you decide to experiment with your eye makeup, be confident and have these simple tips handy. They will help you go from beginner to pro in no time. Scroll down to find out more!

Easy eye makeup tips for beginners

  • Tips for eyeliner
  • Tips for mascara
  • Eye shadow tips

Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner may or may not be a main for you, but it’s one of the most basic steps in eye makeup application. It gives you the freedom to work on the shape of your eyes, accentuate them and fill in sparse-looking lashes. It depends on the nature of the eyeliner and your preference for how you want to apply it: sharply defined or smudged, it looks great either way.

Mascara Tips

Don’t you agree that mascara completely changes your eyes and gives them that extra lift? The magical mascara wand makes you look radiant and youthful. It’s a complete game changer and the only type of drama I like.

Eyeshadow Tips

The eye shadow adds depth and measurement to your eyes. When used correctly, it makes your eyes appear larger and helps accentuate your eye color. Want some tips?

Invest in quality products and brushes. They go a long way in ensuring proper application and mixing.

If you want your eyeshadow to last all day and not crease, and you want your color to really pop, use a good primer before applying..


  • Makeup tips for specific occasions
  • Makeup basics
  • Lip makeup tips and tricks
  • Tips for makeup application
  • Step-by-step eyeshadow tutorials
  • Makeup for different eye colors
  • Makeup for different skin tones
  • Best Products List


  • Skincare routines
  • Benefits of different skincare ingredients
  • Homemade beauty products (e.g., face masks, scrubs)
  • Skincare tools and devices
  • Best Products List

Hair Care:

  • DIY natural hair treatments and masks
  • Step-by-step hair tutorials
  • Hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair
  • Updos for formal events
  • Casual and effortless hairstyles
  • Hair color ideas and trends
  • Popular Haircuts
  • Heat Styling

Nail Art:

  • Popular nail colors and designs
  • Step-by-step nail art designs
  • Nail care routines for natural and acrylic nails
  • Nail art tools and techniques
  • Nail health and common concerns

Fashion and Style: Keep our audience up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, style inspirations, outfit ideas and more.


  • Seasonal fashion trends
  • Latest fashion trends
  • Style tips for different body types
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Styling for special occasions
  • Online shopping guide
  • Statement pieces and how to wear them
  • Workplace fashion
  • Fashion accessories

If you have unique ideas beyond the listed topics, we encourage you to share them as well. Feel free to pitch any creative and engaging concepts you may have in mind.

How to Submit Your Articles

For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@newyorkersblog.com

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