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How to Beautify your Eyelashes with Six Vegetable Oils

How to Beautify your Eyelashes

Thanks to the frequent request of these vegetable oils, we will obtain stronger and denser eyelashes, and we can even prevent them from falling while promoting their growth.

The eyelashes play a protective role in our face since, although we do not know it, they are responsible for preventing dust and other external agents from entering the eyes.

In addition to this, they have become one of the best complements to our beauty, given that they allow us to emphasize the look to make it additional good-looking.

The problem is that specific environmental factors tend to weaken them, and as a result, they stop growing or lose their volume significantly.

Although many cosmetic products help counter these effects, they cannot have because they are too expensive.

Fortunately, there are solutions of natural origin that nourish and strengthen them in the same way as conventional treatments, so we can beautify them without spending too much cash.

In the following space, we want to split in detail six vegetable oils that are ideal for including in our beauty routine due to their composition.

1. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the natural increase of your eyelashes. Within the catalog of natural eyelash care products, jojoba oil is one of the best for promoting their natural development.

It is a manufactured good rich in ceramides, an necessary fatty acid that profoundly nourishes the eyelashes, reducing their excessive fall.

· How to use it?

It also dip a cotton swab or a mascara brush in jojoba oil and apply it to the lashes, from root to tip.

Repeat the treatment every night previous to going to bed for good results.

If desired, you can combine equal parts jojoba oil with olive or coconut oil.

2. Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil has become popular in the cosmetics industry due to its moisturizing and curative properties.

Though, it is good to know that it is ideal for strengthening eyelashes and preventing them from falling out in addition to these uses.

· How to use it?

After removing your eye makeup, moisten the lashes with a small amount of rosehip oil every evening.

You can relate it with your fingertips or with a makeup brush.

3. Almond Oil

Wowever almond oil strengthens your eyelashes. Almond oil is notable for its high attentiveness of vitamins A, B, and E, whose antioxidant effects help protect lashes from the damaging effects of the sun and toxins.

Thanks to its properties and fatty acids, it nourishes the eyelashes and helps promote healthy growth to keep them thick.

· How to use it?

Moisten a cotton wash with almond oil and relate it to the eyelashes.

Leave it on without rinsing, all night.

Use it before departing to bed every night.

4. Castor Oil

Firstly this carrier oil, derived from the Ricinus communis plant, has been used as an option cosmetic product for hundreds of years.

Its main benefits are a credit to its essential fatty acids and vitamins. Which, when applied externally, improves the look of hiding and curls.

This container is used as an ally to moisturize and lengthen eyelashes. Because its nutrients easily assimilate when practical to this part.

· How to use it?

Rub a small quantity of castor oil on the lashes and leave it on at night.

If its texture bothers you, unite it with a small amount of olive oil.

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5. Coconut Oil

It oil for the health of your eyelashes.

Organic coconut oil is a product of plant origin that we can include in many ways in our regular beauty treatments.

Its medium-chain fatty acids, in addition to its antioxidants and essential minerals, strengthen eyelashes and help increase their volume.

· How to se it?

Firstly take some coconut oil and be relevant to the eyelashes.

Leave to act without rinse and repeat its use every evening.

If you wish, you can also use it to remove makeup.

6. Olive Oil

It you want to have denser, hydrated, and stronger eyelashes, all you need is to take care of them regularly with a bit of additional olive oil.

· How to use it?

Heat a little quantity of olive oil and apply it to the eyelashes after checking that the temperature is suitable for use.

Leave it on overnight and renew its use at least three times a week.

Mostly you noticed that you have fragile eyelashes? Do you want to moisturize them and make them more attractive? Please choose one of the oils mentioned in this article and start using it to see its benefits for yourself.


In addition to your evening care, a healthy diet rich in zinc, vitamin B6 and magnesium contributes to healthy eyelashes. Thus, capitalizing on fish, fruits and vegetables, liver, or even dried beans, stimulates their regrowth.

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