Facelift Using Makeup – Apart from the fun of wearing Makeup is the ability to play around with and accentuate your features. If you ever want to exaggerate the look of your lips, a dab of lip liner over your existing lip line can help give the illusion of a juicy-looking pout. Do you need your eyes to look more sensual and sexy? It seems like a perfect time for a winged eyeliner situation.

Currently, we have been watching tons of videos all over our social networks on how to apply makeup to make your face look extra lifted. without performing a surgical facelift. And with these techniques, you’ll find that less is more, and even the most subtle tricks can make a world of difference And with these techniques, you’ll find that less is more, and even the most subtle tricks can make a world of difference.

Below, we reached out to two celebrity makeup artists to learn their best tips for giving a fake facelift, using no less than the makeup products you already have at home.

1.     Pay attention to the use you put into your blush

This side-by-side makeup artist Christen Dominique is a great visual representation of why blush placement matters. We’ve seen videos like this and many others floating around our Instagram and TikTok feeds.

The technique, known as blush draping, explains Sir John, a celebrity makeup artist with a client list filled with A-list celebrities like Zendaya and Beyonce. As an alternative to adding blush to the apples of your cheeks, the idea is that you apply it to the significant points of your face to create lift.

“Make sure you put blush at the temples of your cheeks,” says Sir John. A little product on the top of the cheeks and even at the temples will help create that sculpted look without contouring.

2.     Blend your outline up

If you choose to contour your face, celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman recommends that you make sure to blend upwards after applying colour. Not only will this help lift your face, but it will also keep your contour from viewing muddy. We mention a cream contour, like Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpting Stick, which will be easier to work with and blend as needed.

3.     Skip heavy concealer application

Gone away are the days of applying concealer in a big triangle under the eye if lifting is your goal. Instead, apply concealer to the inner and outer corner of the eye, working your way up to highlight and, you guessed it, lift. Not only does it give stunning results, but it also requires less product and can be used for a natural no-makeup look or ultra-glam looks.

4.     Don’t Contour Your Forehead Too Much

An alternative contouring trick that will offer youthful happiness is to go peaceful on the contour. Then, “Try not to contour your forehead too much.” “It closes the face also minimizes what the eye can appreciate.”

5.     Try a Lifting Eyeliner Technique

Try a Lifting Eyeliner Technique Facelift Using Makeup

The lifting eyeliner technique. No individual can lift the appearance of your face, and then you can also do so with the eyes. “Start in the tear ducts and bounce yourself a beautiful saturated line with a pencil or gel laterally the upper lash line,” he says. “When you get to the pupil of your eye, in its instead of going down, go up slightly, it gives a lifting effect. Lift liners can lengthen the eyes and make them look brighter, wider, and taller.”

For a visual on this method and others like it, check out Sir John’s “The Art of Makeup” series accessible on Assemble, a digital platform where black and brown trend-setters share career lessons. Also, the “All About Eyes” episode is excellent for learning more eye makeup application tips.

6.     Place the mascara in the centre of the eyelashes

One of our favourite mascaras that provides lift and volume is Ilia Beauty Fullest Volumizing Mascara. Says Sir John, focus most of your mascara on the centre of the eyes and less on the outer parts. “It will induce that ‘Bambi’ effect that we like to see,” he adds.

7.     Try a Lateral Brow

Opt for a softer, subtle arch when it comes to the brows. Think Audrey Hepburn brows, for example. Sir John says summits more of a side shape, lengthen the face and emphasize the bone structure and eyes. “The goalmouth with the lifted look is to make sure that you see a radiant skin with open and fresh eyes that are conscious and awake,” he says.

8.     Don’t Focus on the Bottom Lash Line

Finally, Sir John recommends minimal Makeup on the bottom lash line. He says to attempt a beige liner on the lowest lash line to make the eyes pop. Evade a white eyeliner as it can be too plain of a difference. But, again, less is more.