Free Fire Advance is a Battle Royale where up to 50 players compete in exciting and massive battles in which only one of them survives. More specifically, this enhanced version gives you a first look at some new landscapes that will soon be added to the standard game. In this type, you will find all new skins, all tested weapons, and many other small changes that will be slowly added to the final kind of game.

It is important to note that in order to play Free Fire Advance, you need an activation code. To get this code, go to the official website (accessible via the dedicated link) and sign up with your real email and phone number. After completing this step, just wait to receive the code. You should not give the activation code to anyone else, as it is only valid for you. Also, note that access to the Advance server is limited, so it may take several days to receive the code.

What is the difference between Free Fire Advance and Free Fire?

The difference between Free Fire Advance and Free Fire is that the former offers an advanced server with experimental arms and features that are not presented in the final version of Free Fire or Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Advance Server Android

Among action games, a subgenre has recently raised in popularity and amassed many followers: Battle Royale. Games like Fortnite, PUBG, and, of course, Garena Free Fire are some of the most popular ones. The latter has several MODs (modified versions of the original), like Free Fire Advance Server APK, which allows us to access the latest features not yet implemented in the original game. What are you waiting for to download Free Fire Advance Server Android for free and experience what’s new in Free Fire before anyone else?

Get ahead of other players.

When you download Free Fire Advance Server APK, you will find that it is identical in appearance to the original Free Fire. But that is as far as the similarities go because this is an alternative server where the newest features its developers test in their beta versions are released. You can try weapons, scenery, characters, items, and more.

Beyond the curiosity that may arise to know what the stable version will bring (or even what aspects are discarded), it can also serve to anticipate the rest of the players by familiarizing yourself before them with all the features to be included in the game. It may be an aspect to consider if we take into account that this is a game with a highly competitive factor.

Although you can play Free Fire Advance Server Android app for free, an invitation is required and is not always available. In other words, there are some dates when the server is open, and you can play and discover new features. However, if you gain access, you can become part of the testers program and keep in touch with the developers to report possible bugs and errors and, above all, not lose access privileges.

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code 2023 July

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code 2023 July – Free Fire Advance Server APK Download and essential information about login, activation code, VPN, and all details have been listed in this article for FF gamers. AnFree Fire updates can be consulted on the entry. Free Fire Do well, and Free Fire can now download FF OB41 Advance Server APK files. Players can report glitches or errors in the game and also get rewards like weapon skins, free diamonds, titles, outfits, and others. Players can also find out about upcoming events and check for leak updates.

Free Fire Advance Server Code [APK Download] – Important Information

Game Company Garena
Game Name Free Fire/ FF Max
Version OB41
APK File Name Free Fire Advance Server
Advanced Server Open 21st July 2023
Advanced Server Close 7th August 2023
Rewards Upto 1000 to 3000 Diamonds
How to earn Find bugs, report, and Earn Diamonds.
Activation Code Available NOW
Official website
Download APK File Available

FF Advance Server Registration/Login Process

  • Log in to the official portal of Garena FF or Max redemption via Facebook or Gmail
  • First, copy this link “” and paste it in the browser.
  • The FF Advance website opens. And you can see the button “LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK.”
  • Players need to log in to any “Indonesian server” [recommended]. The update will be available first on the Indonesian server. Players can download it from any VPN on the Play Store or Google.
  • After logging in, players must enter the data provided here.
  • You can enter any name, work email ID, and mobile phone number. After filling in all the details, click on the JOIN NOW button.

List of Advance Servers

  • Indian Server
  • Russia Server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Europe server
  • Indonesia Server
  • Brazil server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam
  • Thailand server
  • Malaysia
  • Bangladesh server
  • Vietnam server
  • Middle East Server
  • Pakistan


Is Opened FF Advance Server Activation July 2023?

  • Starts From 21stJuly 2023

When will Free Fire Advance Server OB41 Closes?

  • The server will be closed on 7th August 2023

When can I start playing?

  • You can start playing from 21st July 2023

Will every listed user get access to Free Fire Advanced Server?

  • Use the start code to log in to Advance Server—a limited number of codes are available. Register now and accept your code.