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Fitness Geeks Write For Us

Fitness Geeks Write For Us curious and instrumental book shows the hacker and maker communities how to incorporate science and software into their nutrition and exercise routines. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@newyorkersblog.com

The digital age has caused quite a stir in sports/fitness with new equipment connected to the web. Fitness for Geeks covers most of these new self-tracking tools and apps, including Edmundo, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Alpine Replay, Zero, etc. The book shows how equipment and apps work, how they relate to human physiology, and how they can be hacked and integrated into your lifestyle and exercise routine.

Tips from Bruce Perry, Author of Fitness Geeks


We all know that life intrudes on sleep, but the idea is to maximize your sleep when you have the opportunity. Go to bed early (e.g., to catch the restorative deep sleep that can happen before midnight when the body secretes the repair mechanism called growth hormone), and don’t skimp on the final long REM sleep in the early morning. Sleep a portion, and consider monitoring your sleep to work out the rough spots with gear such as the Zeo Sleep Manager.


Choose exercise that makes you run faster or physically stronger over prolonged slow exercise that breaks down your body. It means up to 30 minutes of practical resistance training about twice per week (with experience, lower reps and higher weights) and interval training instead of moderate jogging. A recent study discovered that 30-second bursts of cycling (4 to 6 times per session with 4 minute rests in between) were just as effective as traditional endurance exercise but involved 90 per cent fewer miles.


Eat food that’s grown or pastured locally. Please find a local farm, and become one of their excellent customers for pastured eggs, which usually offer higher levels of vitamins and minerals, grass-fed meats, berries, and veggies (in season).


Fast once in a while (This advice is only for adults, not growing kids). An intermittent fast a couple times per week (such as fasting overnight and extending it to about 15 hours) can help with blood-glucose metabolism and reduce inflammation. And also, Consider narrowing the eating window to around 8 to 12 hours per day.


Do something once in a while that represents an acute challenge. Meaning, it starts the crap out of you, making you laugh or telling stories about it afterwards). The reason wilderness treks, for example, are so gratifying and exciting is because they seem to kindle built-in instinctive pathways, according to the author Laurence Gonzales’ Deep Survival. Although unproven, maybe they signify hormesis or “good stress.” Bring along self-tracking apps such as Edmundo or Backpacker GPS Trails Pro for even more fun.

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