Flipkart Health plus is a digital healthcare platform that enables access to Medicines and Healthcare products to millions of families in India. We’re currently delivering Allopathy and Homeopathy Medicines, Ayurvedic Range, Healthcare Products and Devices, Personal Care Essentials, and Household Supplies at affordable prices.

Flipkart Health Plus is the fastest growing and most trusted healthcare brand in India. We’re constantly working towards reinventing the online pharmacy ecosystem by providing access to affordable healthcare enabled through technology. With social responsibility in our DNA, we’re here to fulfill the complete healthcare needs in every corner of the country.

  • 9 Lakh+ order delivery per month
  • 50 Lakh+ Mobile App downloads

What is Flipkart Health Plus?

Flipkart Health+, the digital health business of e-commerce platform Flipkart Group, has launched its mobile health app, which will sell medicines and other healthcare products and services. This comes three months after the company first entered the healthcare space by acquiring a minor stake in e-pharmacy startup SastaSundar.

The online healthcare segment, which is already crowded with players like Amazon Pharmacy, the Reliance-backed Netmeds, the Tatas-owned 1mg (it will be in its super app), and Pharmeasy, will see even more competition with Flipkart deciding to take its health business into a separate, standalone app.

Flipkart launches Health Plus app

Walmart group firm Flipkart on Wednesday announced its foray into the healthcare segment by launching a new app Flipkart Health Plus to leverage its reach and serve more than 20,000 pin codes across the country. Flipkart Health Plus platform will onboard over 500 self-governing sellers with a network of registered pharmacists for corroboration of medical medicines and truthful dispensation of medicines, the company said in a statement.

AFlipkart Health Plus chief executive officer Prashant Jhaveri said that since the COVID-19 disease, Indians have witnessed a great shift in favouring wellness and blocking healthcare and there is an increased focus on health and wellness like never before.

Flipkart Health Plus Benefits:

  • It’s a great opportunity to start own business with less investment.
  • You will receive marketing and sales assistance.
  • Earn a good commission for each order.
  • Work with Flipkart Health +, the one of the top digital healthcare platform in India
  • The ability to maintain the health and joy of your public is most vital.

Some of the benefits of owning a Flipkart Health Plus franchise include access to the brand’s well-established supply chain, which ensures that you’ll always have access to high-quality healthcare products and services. You’ll also benefit from the company’s marketing and advertising efforts, which will help to drive customers to your location.

Pros and Cons of Flipkart Health Plus

Like any service, [Flipkart Health Plus] has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the coin:


Affordable Healthcare: [Flipkart Health Plus] offers a cost-effective way to access healthcare services, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

Convenience: The teleconsultation feature and doorstep delivery of medicines add convenience to the healthcare experience, saving time and effort.

Comprehensive Network: Flipkart Health Plus has partnered with reputed healthcare providers and diagnostic centers, ensuring access to quality services.


Limited Coverage: While [Flipkart Health Plus] covers a wide range of healthcare services, it may not provide coverage for all medical conditions or specialist consultations.

Regional Availability: At present, [Flipkart Health Plus] is available only in select cities. Subscribers outside these areas may not be able to avail themselves of the service.

Is Flipkart Health Plus Worth It?

Considering the benefits and limitations of Flipkart Health Plus, it’s essential to evaluate whether it’s worth the investment. If you prioritize affordable and convenient healthcare options, can be an excellent choice. It provides access to teleconsultations, discounted medicines, and diagnostic tests, simplifying your healthcare journey. However, if you require specialized medical attention or live outside the service coverage area, you may find the service limitations frustrating.

Before subscribing to [Flipkart Health Plus], assess your healthcare needs and preferences. If you have pre-existing medical conditions or require frequent specialist consultations, it’s important to confirm if those services are covered under the subscription. Additionally, ensure that your location falls within the service coverage area to fully benefit from the offerings.

To make an informed decision, consider reading client reviews and testimonials about [Flipkart Health Plus]. Real-life experiences can provide insights into the quality of services, customer support, and overall satisfaction levels.


Flipkart Health Plus presents an affordable and convenient healthcare subscription option for individuals seeking accessible healthcare services. With teleconsultations, discounted medicines, and diagnostic tests, it aims to simplify the process of managing one’s health. However, it’s crucial to consider personal healthcare needs, service limitations, and regional availability before subscribing. Ultimately, by weighing the pros and cons, you can determine if [Flipkart Health Plus] is the right fit for you and your family’s healthcare requirements.