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hair removalWhether it is hair on the face, under the armpits, on the legs, in the bikini area or on other parts of the body, many women and men want to get rid of them. The desire to remove unwanted hair usually begins around puberty and never ends. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but very few methods can get rid of hair permanently. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@newyorkersblog.com

Hair removal methods range from simple and inexpensive (shaving) to high-tech and expensive (laser hair removal). These hair removal methods work for any part of the body, skin type, time commitment, and most importantly, budget.


By understanding how hair grows, you can remove it more effectively and stop it from increasing in the first place. Each strand is part of the sebaceous unit, which includes the hair shaft, hair follicle, sebaceous secretor and erector pili muscle.

Hair growth is a incessant cycle consisting of three phases:

  • The anagen phase (growth phase)
  • The catagen phase (transition phase)
  • The telogen phase (resting phase)

Hair spends a different amount of time in each stage, strong-minded by heredities, hormones, and the part of the body where the hair is growing. All of these factors should be considered when choosing a hair removal method.1

To shave

Shaving is the first introduction to hair removal. It is also the most temporary hair removal method. When shaving, the hairs on the surface of the skin are cut. Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not thicken or darken the hair shaft. It too does not make hair grow faster or slower. However, this causes the hair to grow out with a blunt end rather than a natural tapered end, making the hair visible.

Get a more efficient shave by moisturizing the skin first. Shaving foam, conditioner, and body wash help a shaver glide smoothly over the skin and help stop nicks, cuts and scrapes.


Technically, bleaching is not a method of hair removal but a way to make hair less visible. The bleach is applied to the desired area and removes the pigments from the hair. It is beneficial for parts of the body with thin but dark and visible hair, such as the arms, face and neck.

Charge Hansen Crème Hair Bleach is one of the most popular pharmacy bleaching kits. It uses a bleaching cream that lightens hair quickly, gently and effectively.

Physical hair removal methods

Physically extracting hair from its follicle is a common and inexpensive method of hair removal. With physical hair removal, the hairs take longer to grow back because they must grow on the skin’s surface to be visible. Also, repeatedly pulling hair out of the follicle can damage the strand to the point that it stops making hair. (Note: If you feel a strong urge to pull hair out of positive areas of your body and experience pleasure, satisfaction, or relief from it, you may be suffering from a rare OCD disorder called trichotillomania.)2


Epilation with tweezers is an effective way to remove hair, but it can take a long time. Eyebrows and stray facial hair can easily be tamed with tweezers – fewer legs.

Growing active

Waxing is an effective way to remove large amounts of hair all at once. The wax is heated and spread over the skin in the direction of hair growth. The hair becomes embedded in the resin when the wax cools. A strip of fabric is applied over the polish, which is then quickly removed against the direction of hair growth, taking the hair with it.

Extreme care should be taken when using hot wax, as burns may result. A residue is usually left on the skin, which can easily be peeled off, wiped off or scraped off. Likely side effects include pain, red bumps, infection, discoloration, ingrown hairs, and skin cracks. However, there are ways to minimize the pain associated with waxing.

Grow with sugar

Sugar waxing, also known as sugar waxing, is a popular form of hair removal that works the same way as traditional waxing. A natural sweet substance with the consistency of honey is applied to the skin in the course of hair growth. Then a strip of cloth or paper is placed over the wax and pulled back against the direction of hair growth.

The main advantage of sugar waxing over traditional waxing is cleaning. The “wax” is water soluble with real sugar and other natural ingredients. It cleans up easily with warm water, while conventional wax is trickier. The Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit is a great at-home hair removal kit.

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