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How to Grow Eyelashes Guaranteed Tips?

How to Grow Eyelashes

How to Grow Eyelashes: We all want to show off a super-expressive look with long and very voluminous eyelashes, right? But, not all of us have the fortune to have them naturally. However, that does not mean that it is impossible. Here we tell you how to grow your eyelashes to achieve a super captivating look and apply makeup to rise to the Sky. Ready?

1. Stimulates their Growth

One of the best tricks to stimulate the How to Grow Eyelashes is to nourish them in depth through products that hydrate and strengthen them, preventing their deterioration.

Among the most effective products, we find olive oil and castor oil, both ideal for nourishing and stimulating the growth of eyelashes. To get the most out of it, apply one of the two oils to the lashes of both eyes before going to sleep so that it will work throughout the night. Do it every day, and you will see how you will notice the difference in a short time.

2. Moisturize your Lashes

In addition to these oils, there is a perfectly natural product to moisturize, strengthen eyelashes and accelerate their growth if used continuously, and that is Vaseline! Apply a little Vaseline at the base of the lashes every night and the next day, rinse the eyes. Vaseline is a rich source of vitamin E, and in a few weeks, you will see how your eyelashes are much more hydrated and beautiful.

3. With a Little Makeup, Take them to the Sky

In addition to nutrients, you can help yourself with a perfect lash to increase volume and thus show off extra-long lashes.

We recommend The Falsies Push Up Angel lash; we LOVE it in capital letters because it incredibly extends your lashes. The Push-Up Brush lengthens and extends lashes to the ends while lifting and increasing volume from the root, plus its shaping formula keeps the winged effect in place.

How to Apply it?

First, sweep the brush up and out over the inner lashes, from the root to the tip of the lashes.

Repeat this motion until you achieve the desired pitch, volume, and effect.

4.Remove Makeup and Clean your Eyelashes before Bed

You can achieve an incredible effect with makeup, but you must remove the eyelash every night as it could weaken them.

You can use makeup remover products that are gentle on your eyes, such as wipes, micellar water, or even castor oil itself, which will help stimulate growth.

5.Basic Food

As they say, “you are what comes” reflected in every part of your body. Maintaining a balanced diet with a good amount of vegetables, fruits, and protein sources is the best thing you can do to regulate your metabolism and grow your eyelashes. These foods supply you with vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, E, and H, antioxidants, and omega-3s, which promote the growth of eyelashes (and hair!) and strengthen them.

6.Tips for How to Grow Eyelashes

First of all, eyelashes don’t grow by magic. Much of its enlargement depends a lot on the lifestyle you lead. It seems that even to look solid and long, there are three essential things: eat carefully, stay hydrated, and love healthy eating. Therefore, we offer you three crucial tips for healthy and strong eyelashes.

7.Have a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is reflected in every pore of your body. So if you want to grow your eyelashes naturally, the first thing you choose to do is eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and proteins. The vitamins and minerals that these foods will provide you will regulate your flow and favor the enlargement of eyelashes.

8.Cleanse and Clean your Eyelashes

wash your face earlier than divan and when you awaken up is essential for smooth, hydrated, and well-groomed skin. Do the same with the tabs! To prevent it from breaking and falling off, you should permanently remove traces of makeup before going to bed; otherwise, they will fade. Plus, daily brushing will make them look even healthier. Mascaras or mascaras often contain chemicals that, while improving your look, also reduce the natural growth of your eyelashes. Therefore, avoid its continued use.

To remove makeup and clean your eyelashes, use makeup remover products, preferably of natural origin. An ideal beauty tip for removing the toughest mascara residue is to use a mixture of one teaspoon of micellar water and one teaspoon of olive oil.

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Any excess is bad. So be very careful! Force and tension are applied daily to curl using a standard curling iron. This action, over time, can destroy the lashes.

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