Frosty eyeshadows, thin brows, and zig-zag parts are all the rage again, so as much as beauty trends go, 2022 aspects are like 2002. Thankfully, it evolved.

Case in point –  Lip Gloss

Today, you don’t have to deal with the same stickiness from the sticky lip gloss you kept in your back pocket during high school. Lip oils offer the same moisturizing shine as gloss, minus the stickiness.

“A lip oil will provide long-lasting moisturizing benefits while providing a hydrating, glossy finish to the lips. It’s a more general approach to having a glossy or shiny lip as they are usually formulated with nourishing oils, for example, avocado oil, jojoba seeds, squalene, etcetera,” says celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli. A standard gloss formula may have a little more synthetic base to give them that thicker, glossier finish.”

Lip oils apply and blend effortlessly (one swipe and you’re done) but can also be layered with additional lip products to minimize the effects of drying. Lip oils effort great as a lip primer, mainly on dry lips,” shares Scibelli. “So you can always apply a little before your long-wear colour to hydrate and prep lips. You can also apply it over your long-wear colour as a gloss topping or for a hydrating finish.” Just mark sure the first lip product you apply is dehydrated and set so layers don’t smudge.

So if you’re ready to wear a bright lip colour without having to deal with your hair sticking to your lips, we’ve rounded up the top ten lip oils to try, from a deep red that’s as pigmented as a lipstick. Matte to a universal nude that enhances the natural colour of your lips.

1. Ami Cole Lip Oil Treatment

Ami Cole Lip Oil Treatment

Ami Cole only launched last year, but Black brand products have already reached cult status. And also, the lip oil treatment has a universal rosy-taupe tint formed with melanin-rich skin tones in mind, while conditioning baobab, camellia, and fruit seed oils hydrate and protect lips.

2. Ilia Balmy Gloss Highlighted Lip Oil in Maybe Violet

Used for a little more colour, try Ilia’s Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil. While the formula feels light on the lips, it has a semi-sheer finish that glides on smoothly, thanks to a blend of hydrating hyaluronic acid and botanicals.

3. NYX Professional Makeup #THIS IS EVERYTHING Lip Oil

Before you freak out on this lavender lip oil, hear me out: the colour turns sheer with just a touch of lavender. In addition, the soft aroma of vanilla and cherry blossom gives it an extra touch.

4.  Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Plum

The secret to this OG lip oil’s popularity is a blend of vegetable oils that plump and nourish lips, and Clarins has revamped the formula to make it even better by removing all stickiness. All colours leave a soft wash of colour, making them a more subtle version of bold lip colours. Take this plum shade, for example.

5. In beauty Project Lip Glaze Oil in Glaze #1

In beauty Project, Lip Glaze Oil in Glaze #1 in colour with a sheer cherry red gives you all the shine of gloss without acting like a magnet for your hair.

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