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My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires Introduction:

Victor Walker, also known as Count Alucard, is the main protagonist of My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires wiki  web novel. Initially, a weak human being due to his Rh null blood type, Victor was reborn as a vampire through a ritual performed by Violet Snow, who aimed to make him her husband. During the practice, Victor unknowingly married Sasha Folger and Ruby Scarlett, two of Violet’s childhood friends present during the ritual.

After meeting the vampire society, Victor apprenticed to Ruby’s mother, Countess Scathes Scarlett, the most powerful vampire. Under his tutelage, Victor unlocked his secret powers and became the youngest Vampire Count in history at the age of twenty-one. After his ascension to Vampire Count, Victor created a new and more powerful generation of vampires from his blood, thus marking him as the Second Ancestor of vampires.

My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires’ physical description

Victor was 175 centimeters before his vampire transformation and had a lifeless complexion. His sapphire blue eyes had also lost their original color and permanently turned red when he used the Blood Vampire Count Transformation. After the change, his body evolved to its maximum state, reaching a height of 195 centimeters with a muscular body.

His face also changes when he gets angry or fights his enemies. The skin on his face would begin to peel off, revealing an all-black composition with monstrous sharp teeth and red eyes all visible, his hair flying as if defying gravity.

My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires wiki After assimilating Adonis’s spirit, Victor regains drastic physical changes, his hair grows longer and reaches his waist, his features become thinner and “the epitome of male beauty” that bears even a slight resemblance to Adonis’s, and finally, his previously permanent Hiss blood-red eyes turned Violet like Adonis’s. After unlocking his shape-shifting abilities, Victor can manipulate his physical features to a certain degree, as seen when he changes his hair to a shorter length.

My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires Wiki personality and traits

Victor is a loyal man. He does what he reasons is right, irrespective of the moments. Even as a human, he displays a strong personality, refusing to back down from any obstacle. After his rebirth as a vampire, these attributes were strengthened. Victor refuses to submit to any entity, relying almost upon the point of arrogance as an effect of the power in his blood.

Oddly enough, he treats his parents with humility and respect, stating that they deserve respect because they raised him without asking for anything. Victor is also a kind of war freak, a trait Scathach encourages and exacerbates. He always seeks powerful beings with whom he can be alone and unleash his full power. He has fun every time he fights against beings that can bring him to his full potential. My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires wiki. On the contrary, he hates cowards who have lost the will to fight against someone stronger than themselves.

Also, influencing Anna, she is frank and always speaks her mind. Victor is also highly charismatic, especially when it comes to women. His mother has another influence on him. a will

Apart from his wives, he endeared himself to many women, especially his two mothers-in-law, Scathach and Natashia. It is also implied that childhood friend Leona had a romantic crush on him and tried to turn him into a werewolf before Violet thwarted him in time.

Another characteristic of Victor is his ability to offend everyone and quickly earn their wrath. Violet states that she does not doubt that if she talks to a stone, the stone will spit blood for such a crime.


My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires wiki Victor and Violet first met when they were children. One night, a young Violet Snow disappeared into the woods, separated from her parents. The girl was scared and unsure of what to do, then suddenly she saw an equally lost young Victor slowly approaching her hiding place. Remembering what her parents had taught her, young Violet quickly hid behind a tree and watched the boy in silence.

When the young Victor approached and sat near the tree, Violet noticed the smell that came from the boy’s slight scratches, and it was caught when he split part of the tree from his thirst. The boy approaches her, and Violet is more scared and confused, but the boy is not afraid of her glowing red eyes and even tells her with amusement that she is a “beautiful girl”. Surprised, the girl asked him if she was not afraid of her bright red eyes and teeth. The boy replied that it made her look even more beautiful and that her facial expressions were cute. A short time later, young Victor takes her by the hand and begins to lead them to a place where she can easily find them until dawn My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires wiki.

After this incident, Victor would never see Violet again until sixteen years later. The latter prefers to stay close to Victor and closely monitor him undetected, protecting him and preventing any harm, especially to vampires affected by Victor’s blood.

Victor was often bullied by his frail and sickly appearance in his youth, a trait attributed to his rare blood. However, Victor found friends who were always there for him, like Leona, Edward, Fred and Andrew. When bullied, Edward often used his fists to defend his sisters Leona and Victor. However, although Victor appreciated his gesture, a trait that his friends greatly admired and respected, Victor would rather fight his battles alone.

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When Victor wakes up one morning, he discovers that his body has changed. He is growing, gaining more muscle, and having a paler complexion. After careful examination, he concludes that he has become a vampire. Wanting to test his weaknesses and abilities, Victor goes out at night and finds three thugs harassing a woman. Victor saves the woman and kills the three thugs. My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires Victor suddenly hears a woman laughing and finds a beautiful woman watching him. The beautiful woman offers him her blood, and Victor gives in to her bloodlust.

He realizes that the attractive woman is responsible for the ritual that changes him. A series of memories fill his mind with the woman’s blood, and he sees the night’s events before the Return. After the flashback ends and Victor has satisfied her bloodlust, he asks her name, and she replies, ‘Violet Snow.

Violet tells him to follow her and leads them to her mansion. Victor considers whether to be suspicious, but he feels familiar with the woman. Inside Violet’s mansion, Victor learns the basics of vampire lore. Violet also clarifies that she chose him as her husband through a ritual. Victor reflects on the latest revelations but quickly comes to terms with them. After a brief reunion with Violet, Victor decides to return to his parents’ house with Violet. Victor is greeted by his mother, Anna, at his parents’ house but is confused by his son’s physical changes. After a series of investigative questions and Victor’s satisfactory answers to all of them, Anna finally accepts her son’s accusations. Then, noticing the woman in the company of her son, Anna yells at her husband Leon to come downstairs, thinking that her son has finally popped her cherry.

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Chapter 01: Introduction

Please note that all events in this book are purely fictional. Any resemblance to the real world is purely coincidental. Not every incident in this book is designed to offend any religious or ethnic group. Enjoy it, and add it to the library if you want.

I got out of bed and started thinking. I opened my eyes, saw a familiar ceiling and turned to look at my computer on my desk, “When did I get home?” My memories were jumbled, and I couldn’t remember anything.

“Victory!!” Suddenly I hear a female voice. It was an angelic, wonderfully beautiful voice, and he sounded distraught.

“Oh… who?” I put my hand on my head when I felt it start to hurt a lot.

I lean on the bed and try to get up, but suddenly I feel my hand sink into the material of the bed. And also I hear the sound of wood breaking and look in the direction of my hand; And also, I see my hand go through the mattress and break the wood that supports my bed.

I quickly withdrew my hand and looked at my holey bed in confusion. “What’s wrong with me?” I asked out loud, in amazement.

I don’t remember being that strong; something is going on with me? I’m starting to question myself and try to search my memory. But even if I try to search my memory, I can’t find it; It’s like something is blocking my memories.

I try to create a coherent train of thought as if I were putting together a puzzle: My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires. I went to the supermarket to buy the food my mom ordered, but. Let’s start from the beginning.

It was as if he had run a marathon and needed a glass of water! My throat was dry! I try to keep creating a timeline with my memories, but I don’t have time for it when I feel an unbearable thirst in my throat.


Victor was a typical 21-year-old man. He grew up in a loving family that helped him take care of himself. Knowing that he had a practically incurable disease, the RH null blood, he was the owner of a rare blood type. But Victor didn’t know that this blood type was a delicacy in the supernatural world; creatures fed on blood loved his blood type. And that blood he hated would be the factor that would make Victor the greatest vampire of all time.

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