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MyFitness Peanut Butter  aims to transform the healthy food industry by launching its Superfit brand. This new venture has launched two health food products – Effervescent Tablets and Apple Cider Vinegar. This new brand has received a good response from the market in less than a week.

Appealing to a broad audience, the Superfit brand offers first-of-its-kind tablets under categories like Sleep, Immunity, Detox, Lean, Glow, Shine, Active, Super, Slim and Digestive. And also, Effervescent tablets are available in 10 flavours, including strawberry, blueberry, green apple, raw mango and cranberry.

Located in Silvassa, Suprafit is the invention of Mr Mohammad Patel and Mr Rahil Virani. With MyFitness becoming India’s preferred peanut butter brand in less than three years, the company plans to expand its range of high-quality, innovative health food products with the latest launches.

Brand Born From Expertise And Passion For Fitness And Taste

The year is 2018. We Realized It’s Time To Build Our Peanut Butter Brand.

Today, MyFitness is India’s top-rated peanut butter brand and has a full range of nutrition products. Thanks for this and our youth icon Sahil Khan!

MyFitness is owned by Tanvi Fitness Pvt Ltd, a premium export company Super Nutri Foods subsidiary. And also, TANVI is loyal to meeting India’s fitness and taste needs, while Super Nutri Foods is a 100% export-oriented manufacturer of peanut-based products.

MyFitness aims to give every household access to high-quality, delicious, nutritious food products while providing value for money.

This is how we make sure every MyFitness product is good for you.

Is Myfitness Peanut Butter Healthy?

MyFitness Peanut Butter is an original American recipe with an Indian touch. And also, It has high nutritional value and offers numerous health benefits.

Who doesn’t like an original, right? MY FITNESS Original Peanut Butter brings back the good ol’ American peanut butter recipe. Original and dee-licious! Why? Because you love it!
We’ve made the recipe yummier by adding healthy brown sugar and pink Himalayan salt to the mix!
And remember. Therefore, recipe gets even better with the extra-silky consistency of this Smooth variant. It’s hard to believe that such a flavor ful treat is helping people stay fit.

How Many Flavours Are There In My Fitness Peanut Butter?

MYFITNESS provides chocolate peanut butter in three variants: And also, Smooth, Crunchy & Crispy.

Which Is the Best Peanut Butter In India?

  1. Jus Amazin Creamy Organic Peanut Butter Unsweetened.
  2. Pistola All Natural Peanut Butter.
  3. Alpino Natural Peanut Butter Crunch.
  4. The Butternut Co.
  5. Flex Protein Premium Peanut Butter.
  6. MuscleBlaze High Protein Natural Peanut Butter With Buttermilk Protein.
  7. Happy Jars Unsweetened Creamy Peanut Butter.
  8. Yoga Bar 100% Peanut Butter.

Does MYFITNESS Peanut Butter Make You Fat?

Many dieters avoid peanut butter because it’s high in fat and calories. And also, Yet, moderate intake is unlikely to lead to weight gain. Its spread is highly nutritious and may support weight loss by promoting fullness and preserving muscle mass while dieting.

Health Benefits That Peanut Butter Provides, Such As:

  • Weight management.
  • Boosts Heart health.
  • Boosts Energy.
  • Good source of Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Potential Antioxidants.
  • Rich in Dietary fibre.
  • Manages healthy fats.
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels.

MYFITNESS Honey Peanut Butter

Imagine the mouth-watering flavour of roasted peanuts and Farm fresh Honey, untouched by artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or other bad stuff. And also, Silky smoothness and delightful taste. Therefore, You can’t ask for more!

Made with Whole Roasted Peanuts and Natural Honey, MYFITNESS Honey Peanut Butter is all goodness and nothing more. And also, Who determined that butter can help you stay in shape.

Our latest ranges now feature 95% less Oil Separation than other popular brands.

Food Startup MYFITNESS Raises Around $1 Mn From 9Unicorns

And also, 9Unicorns, a leading accelerator fund, has managed a nearly $1 million seed round in the MYFITNESS peanut butter brand. The funding round also saw the participation of Beardo co-founders Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah, Dr Vaidya founder Arjun Vaidya, and Nutrabay founders Sharad Jain and Shreyans Jain.

Founded in 2019 by Mohammad Patel and Rahil Virani, the Silvassa-based startup has successfully launched India’s first natural peanut butter with 95% less fat breakdown. And also, an exceptionally crunchy chocolate peanut butter flavour preserves its nutritional value intact.

Speaking about the funding, Mohammad Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of MYFITNESS, said: Therefore, With an increasing focus on healthy lifestyle and nutrition, the health food segment in India is flourishing beautifully. With a strong focus on superior quality and taste in our products, we are a powerful gateway to stellar growth. While others celebrate the funding, we see it as a responsibility to our investors and customers who believe in our brand and us.”

Rahil Virani, Co-Founder and CMO of MYFITNESS, said, Despite being from a small town, we have always believed in our vision of creating a world-class brand with the cleanest, most nutritionally balanced products. And also, MYFITNESS Peanut Butter is proof of our consumer-focused product innovation; A treat rich in protein, nutritious and delicious. We are very excited and overwhelmed as it is the first Indian peanut butter brand to receive funding from India’s leading accelerator fund and the senior founders of D2C.

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