Plus Two English Notes Many people believe that you need to earn money to pass the Sheni Blog English board exams. But there are some strategies you can use to get good results in English. Remember, at this point, students should review what they have read before and not try to understand new topics.

Plus Two English Notes First of all, you need to find your strengths and weaknesses. Some are good at English, and others are better at theory. As a result, focus on the units you can handle to review and gain solid control at this last moment.

Plus Two English Notes

The English Textbook for the second year has been developed based on specific topics and concepts to improve your language skills and meet your needs after completing high school. It includes different literary works: stories, poems, plays, interviews, etc. And also, Grammar elements are given due importance. Plus Two English Notes An integrated approach has been adopted, targeting students’ linguistic and pragmatic competencies. Plus, two notes in English. There are five units.

Two notes are published in English by Saju K. John, PhD Research Fellow at HSSLIVE Higher Secondary Plus NIT Calicut. These Study Notes result from 14 years of teaching skills and are based entirely on the Kerala Board Curriculum. Hence, they are accommodating to Kerala Curriculum and Kerala Board students.

Unit 1: Free Flights

  • 3L authorization (speech)
  • Any woman (poem)
  • Horegallu (anecdotal)
  • Matchbox (Story)

This unit explores the concept of women’s empowerment, women’s rights and privileges, and their multiple roles. It also advocates the importance of freedom for women. Therefore,  story shows the typical Indian woman and how she put up with her macho husband.

Focused activities: speech, panel discussion, poetry review, propaganda design, a narration of events from different perspectives, character analysis, etc.

Unit 2: Fit Heights

  • Repair of the wall (poem)
  • Sibling Friend (Story)
  • Real moment (one-act play)

Students’ honesty, friendship, love, honesty, etc. Help them develop their values. It also presents the dangers of abusing power.

Focused activities: evaluation of poems, character sketches, preparation and presentation of advertisements for various programs, writing reviews, writing reports, preparation for discussions and language practice: verb tense, indirect speech, voice, etc.

Unit 3: Life’s Challenges

  • Three-wheel rotation (interview)
  • Didi (writing of life)
  • Stuttering (Poetry)

Here the concept of social entrepreneurship and the importance of social commitments are introduced.

Focus-related activities: blogging, preparing job applications and writing resumes, answering interview questions, writing emails, and using idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs.

Unit 4: Live And Live

  • When is a sapling planted? (speech)
  • Rice (poem)
  • The Dangers of Drug Abuse (essay)

This unit insists on the need to protect nature, the values ​​of agriculture and the implications of the depreciation and commercialization of the agricultural sector. It also raises awareness of the health dangers of excessive drug use.

Activities focused on: preparing consultation letters, writing about current social issues, preparing short essays, understanding expressions in different languages, adverbial sentences, etc.

Unit 5: Light Direction

  • Advance release for Christmas (one act play)
  • This Will Hurt A Little (poem)
  • Crime and Punishment (Story)

This unit represents a sense of humor. Therefore,  story introduces the critical role of parents and teachers in a student’s life.

Activities focused on: appreciation of poetry, writing scripts, writing arguments for discussion, and using prepositions and ‘as if’.

When it comes to language, content, organization of ideas, presentation, originality of speech, and command of language will be considered.

Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One and Plus Two English Study Notes and Sample Quizzes by Reena Mathai, HSST, Govt HSS, Pirappancodu, Vembayam, Trivandrum, Ananthi M, HSST to help students prepare for the Board of Education exam. Higher Secondary Education, Govt HSS Perumpalam, Alappuzha, Jeeja R, Govt HSS, Oachira and Vidya V.T, Govt HSS, Kayanna, Kozhikkodu are post here based on the expected learning outcomes listed above.

What are the three critical factors for authorization?

Plus Two English Notes

Therefore,  three critical factors for empowerment are learning, work, and leadership. And also,Together they are call 3L.

What role does learning play in allowing women?

Education is the foundation on which any change is built. Learning helps women help themselves and break free from the chains that bind them.

How can we encourage more opportunities for women in the workplace?

By changing some of our laws to confirm that property and inheritance laws do not favor against women, women can have more opportunities in the workplace. Education and health services for women should be expand. Women should given more credit opportunities to achieve greater economic independence.

Plus Two English Notes educated and empowered women in building a strong nation.

Educated and empowered women have an essential role in building a strong state. India has a population of 1.3 billion, about half of which are women. If these women are not given their rights and do not fulfil their economic responsibilities, how we hope to grow and develop? For India to be a developed nation, there must be gender equality between men and women.

Higher Secondary Plus Two English Notes are design to meet the increasing demands of challenging and proficient age students. It primarily focuses on ensuring that students use the language efficiently and appropriately in situations. All units are based on specific objectives that focus on student outcomes.

Therefore, Sheni Blog English Plus Two Notes – Kerala Board Class 12 English – Here are the detailed notes, syllabus, explanation, summary, complex words, and question answers provided for Sheni Blog English Class 12. And also, Each plus two English chapter wise notes have provided you with full explanations from the beginning to the end of the chapters. You are ready for Sheni’s blog study material for Kerala Board 12th graders. In this thing, you will get the complete program of the Sheni Blog English Plus Two exam. And also, It is a comprehensive study pack, plus two English notes, a summary of the chapter description, question papers and answer sheets. These Sheni blogs, plus two messages in English, also contain essential questions from previous years to help you complete your studies before exams.