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PST File Write For Us (2)PST File Write For Us email account to Viewpoint, a local copy of your information is saved on your computer. This feature allows you to access your previously downloaded or synced emails, calendar information, contacts, and tasks without an internet connection.

Some types of accounts, Financial statements, such as POP accounts, store their information in Outlook Data Files.  Outlook 365 accounts, Exchange accounts, IMAP accounts, and Outlook.com accounts store their information in Off Outlook Data Files.

Outlook Data File

An Outlook Data File contains your messages and other Outlook things and is stored on your computer. POP accounts – a common type of account you can create when you add an Internet Service Provider (ISP) email account like Xfinity or AT&T, or Cox – download and store all your email from your mail server on your computer.

Offline Outlook Data File

Most other explanation types, such as IMAP accounts, Microsoft 365 books, Exchange accounts, and Outlook.com accounts use an offline Outlook Data File to store an in-time copy of your mailbox information if your connection to the mail server is interrupted. On your local computer. For example, if you’re on a plane without Wi-Fi or your internet connection is lost, you can still access all previously downloaded emails, calendar data, contacts, and tasks. You can read and write messages, create appointments and add contacts. However, your emails will not sent, and no new messages will be downloaded until your internet linking is restored.

When the connection is reestablished, the changes are automatically in time, and the folders and items on the server and on your computer are identical again.

Outlook Group Storage File

A new Outlook Data File type is created when you first access a group in Outlook. This file has a extension and stores your group chats and other local group data. All of this information is synced between your computer and the mail server, so you don’t need to back up or import this file when setting up Outlook on a new computer.

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