R beauty guru chatter Follow these two communities on Reddit, and you’ll never miss a single ounce of influencer drama. While r/Blogsnark (with over 56,000 members) is rooted in the comings and goings of the OG bloggers who have since mostly migrated to Instagram, r/BeautyGuruChatter (with over 200,000 members) is how you’ll keep the the the up with everything that involves YouTube stars like James Charles and Jeffree Star.

The makeup artist from Euphoria launched Half Magic Beauty today, and of course, I’m feeling disappointed! I don’t know what I projected, but I suppose I expected something a little more different? How different? I didn’t know. Even if this launch were other, I would still be disappointed.

I can’t see myself spending $20+ per item when I could get equivalents from other brands for around or less than the same price, but I already know them. Why the hell would the makeup artist behind a wildly popular television show accept another opportunity to make more money — with makeup. Doesn’t she know that it doesn’t make sense to release products similar to other brands for $20+? Other people don’t understand who Halsey is, but I do. And I know About Face matte eye paints. So I don’t see myself wanting to try HMB. Same with the shimmer liquid eyeshadow when I could go with Stila (or about-face, or the 1000 others). And the glitter liner when I already

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Beauty Guru Chatter, Hats off to anyone who could stay on that sub for more than 2 minutes. Fangirling and sycophantic attacks on those who disagree with them are disgusting. And they say GGers are the hateful ones. These bitches take virtue signals and hypocrisy to a whole new level. They ignore that gossip has no proper way.

Everything is terrible, hence gossip. Dishonesty and hypocrisy are just as bad as saying “bad” and “negative” things about a person. Beauty Guru Chatter The scary part is that some of these bitches are old enough to know better, but they’ve been so brainwashed by the cult of political correctness that they can’t even tell their asses out of a hole in the ground.

From pure hypocrisy to nasty virtue signals to bad kisses on the ass of manipulative sociopaths like Jaclyn Hill, these bitches are vile. I hope no one from there writes here, at least not virtue pointing to charlatans. These bitches seem to have to check their brains and individuality at the door. Woe to those who disagree with them. They will be downvoted, but they will also be hacked, and mods are just as bad and let this happen. The funny thing is, all they say is GG.

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About this item

  • 100% Natural Face Care – Our ready-to-use rosehip serum is the perfect skincare product for your daily use without any harsh and toxic chemicals. Suitable for all skin types, we use only pure, natural ingredients for your delicate skin by the added aromatherapy of essential oils.
  • Visibly Even Skin Tone – Uneven skin tone can be a pretty unflattering look. Look and feel the confidence of glowing skin. The balancing properties of the carrot seed extracts in our face serum aid in the removal of unwanted red or dark spots from your skin.
  • Protection For Your Skin – Armed with the vitamins and antioxidant properties of Curcumin, our product will keep your skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Antioxidants are excellent absorber of UV light that directly affects your exposed skin.
  • A Soft, Radiant Look – Beauty Guru Bright Serum contains the nourishing power of emollient jojoba and coconut oil that acts as a hydrating moisturizer for dry skin. Helps recall moisture within the skin for an enhanced, healthy, radiant complexion.
  • Young & Beautiful – The geranium in our anti-ageing face serum acts as a pore minimizer and skin tightening agent to restore a more youthful appearance. It eliminates wrinkles, adds a natural glow to the skin and keeps you looking young

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The beauty Guru Chatter subreddit It gives me goosebumps, and they are the world’s problem today. They took political correctness to an almost immoral level. If they were to defend it, they would praise them for being so open, innovative and “progressive”, and they would attack anyone who points it out. I bet one of their preferred “gurus” would be a podophile, female genital mutilation, animal sex, etc., perversion of evil.

A user was downvoted for guessing that Jaclyn was gassing her husband in her latest video. They’re in denial and back as hell, but it’s pretty clear that most of the posters here are Jaclyn Stans. God forbid anyone says anything against his queen, Jaclyn. She is her crush.

They change their minds every day about whom to support, and if an influencer falls out of favor, they drag both the influencer and the person who calls them to hell for their hypocrisy. But regardless of the bad and downright nasty things Jaclyn does, she always remains the sun in the sky. Fools!

When the epidemic started, and everything closed, I decided to open a Reddit account in March 2020. I was already checking out the subreddit group r/BeautyGuruChatter that talks about beauty influencers. But when the pandemic hit and I were at home, on leave, and very bored, I decided to open an account so that I could work with others. So I finally discovered r/swatchitforme; I mainly use this to learn more about beauty products.

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