Develop profile

Develop a profile of the ideal consumer, reach customers who fit that description, and plan for a long sales for Edtech Product marketing

Selling to schools is different from most other IT solutions. Whether you’re just starting to plan a sales strategy for the education market or are looking for better ways to manage your sales team and improve academic performance, consider these six best practices for selling technology.

Create a profile

The most effective sales techniques start with identifying a specific audience. Evaluate your current customers and determine which ones provide the most value and are most satisfied with the solutions you provide.

It may take a while to get your leads, but it’s time well spent when it eliminates the risk of the salesperson investing time in an account that never results in a sale. You can use school websites and search engines to gather information, and there are sales research tools that can help you find schools that match your ideal buyer profile. There are also companies that focus on the technology market that can provide valuable insight into your customers which can educate you about Edtech Product.

Acquiring customers who match the traits of your ideal consumer can help your sales team maximize their time and close more deals.


Schools rarely buy technology at random times of the year. Board-run elementary schools typically begin budget work at the end of the year, complete it in the spring, and buy in late spring or summer when money is available.

To propose an item for a school budget, the group typically conducts research at least a year in advance of the proposed purchase to provide the school board with the information it needs within the budget period. You can’t contact a school district or university in March and expect to have your tablets delivered and your wireless network installed in July of that same year. A more realistic target date would be June or July of the following year.

Sometimes schools find they have the resources to use them, or they abandon them before the next cycle. For this reason, the project could be postponed to this year.

touch with clients

If the school wants to upgrade their computer systems in the next year or spend money on using it or losing it, you’ll want the school to get a quote from your company. Therefore, you need to maintain contacts in the educational hierarchy to keep your name and the solutions you offer in front of potential customers.

Keep in touch with your prospects and give them something at each contact, such as: B. Information on trends, news about technological advances or testimonials about your solutions that they can use for their decision-making. Always remind your customer that partnering with your company is beneficial.