Lack of time is our main excuse for not going to the gym. Getting up early in the morning is too hard, and I want to spend the evening more with friends than with simulators. But it is still too early to completely exclude sports due to a busy schedule. Why even a 10-minute workout is better than nothing and which complexes do not take much time, but help keep the body in good shape, we will tell in this article.

Why is even a short workout better than nothing?

Most health problems, including being overweight, appear with age – we move less and do not have time to burn the required number of calories per day. There is only one way out of this – to play sports. And it’s not even the amount of time that is important, but the regularity.

It is best to exercise in the morning. So we activate all the necessary physiological processes to maintain performance during the day. With the daily implementation of a set of exercises, the muscles will become more elastic, more resilient, the joints more mobile, and the body more toned. Of course, increasing muscle mass in 10-20 minutes a day will not work, but this is a good way to maintain overall body tone. By the way, some fans of sports betting and casinos call betting one of the sports – many experienced players say that in one game you can lose 500 grams because stress and worries about the players make the body lose weight. Therefore, if you want to try this way of playing sports, you can place bets or play Playamo NZ online slots.

What workout can be done in 10 minutes?

For 10 minutes a day, you can do a set of exercises with increased intensity or interval training. Usually, for such training, exercises with movements in different planes and with the involvement of the maximum number of muscles for their implementation are selected. The principle of building interval training is simple: 9 exercises for 45 seconds with a 15-second rest between them and stretching. Below is an example of a simple and effective complex that can be performed at home.

Jumping jacks

This is an active jump with arms and legs swinging in different directions at the same time. Starting position standing, legs together, arms lowered down along the body. Slightly bending your knees, we perform a light jump up, spreading your legs apart slightly wider than your shoulders, and at the same time, in the flight phase, raise your arms above your head. With a light jump, we return to the starting position. We exhale on effort when jumping with a swing of the arms to the sides.

The exercise must be performed from 10 reps. You can complicate it by tilting down to the toes, after returning to the starting position.


Starting position – emphasis lying on the floor, hands shoulder-width apart. A natural deflection should form in the lower back, the back should be kept straight. Bend your elbows and touch the floor with your chest. While exhaling, do push-ups.

The exercise must be performed from 10 repetitions. You can complicate it by adding extra weight on the back (but only under the control of the trainer).


This is one of the most functional and effective fat-burning exercises. It is enough to see it once to understand how to do it. The main thing is to constantly keep the muscles of the abdomen and legs in tension. Exhalation is performed three times, at the moment of kicking the legs, bringing the legs to the palms, and jumping up.

The exercise should be performed depending on the level of training, an average of 10-15 repetitions. You can complicate it with classic push-ups from an emphasis on lying down, increasing the pace and the number of reps.

Jumping rope

The length of the rope for each person is selected individually. From a standing position, you need to step on the middle of the rope and, holding the handles in your palms, adjust them to the level of the armpits. This is your ideal length.

Exercise should be performed within 1-2 minutes. You can complicate it by performing double and cross jumps.

Rock climber

Starting position – emphasis lying on straight arms, the pelvis is raised so that the body is parallel to the floor. We shift the center of gravity by focusing on the hands. And also tensing the abdominal muscles, and alternately pulling the knees to the elbows or chest. We exhale with effort while pulling the knee.

The exercise must be performed for 30 seconds. You can complicate it by the direction of movement of the legs, increasing the pace and duration of execution.

Twisting (press)

Starting position – lying on your back, legs bent at the knees and firmly on the floor. Gently raise your shoulders 10-15 cm, rounding your back and twisting towards your knees. Hold this position for 1-2 seconds, and then slowly lower the body, but do not touch the floor with your shoulders.

The exercise must be performed for 30 seconds. You can complicate it by increasing the pace and duration of execution.

Running in place

Intense running in place in a short time can raise the heart rate to 75-80% of the maximum value. This is ideal cardio for interval complexes for pumping endurance.

The exercise must be performed for 30 seconds. You can complicate it by increasing the pace and duration of execution.

All these exercises can be performed at home before going to work in just 10 minutes – while you get a toned body and a charge of vivacity for the whole day.