Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie Show Cut is elegant with its long, luxurious locks and high bun. It is the style the breed often sports at American Kennel Club sponsored dog shows, so it’s considered the typical Yorkie cut.

The Yorkie teddy bear haircut can take the cake on the sweetness factor, as you might deduct from the name. This medium length cut frames your Yorkie’s face and makes her look like a teddy bear while keeping her body soft and plump.

Katy Nelson, DVM, a senior veterinarian at Chewy, says the hair should be about two to three inches long with this cut, which provides a nice layer of warmth during the colder months.

While super cute, this style requires more frequent grooming to maintain fit. But, it may be worth it if you prefer the pretty kind.

Top 5 Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie Styles

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie Want your Yorkie to look stylish with a brand new haircut? Here are some ways to get them to admire your stuff, no matter how long, loose, or well trimmed their coats.

Terriers have unique hair; actually, it looks like human hair as it grows long and thin in a single layer. It means they don’t shed as much as other breeds, but they need to go to the hairdresser for regular trimmings.

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie While the coats of these dogs can be time-consuming to care for, it allows you to explore the various grooming options and perhaps try grooming your dog at home if you’re feeling adventurous.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up many adorable grooming ideas for you – choose the one you think best complements your unique and wonderful dog, and you’re sure you’ll both love it.

What is the Difference Between a Puppy Cut and a Teddy Bear Cut?

A “puppy cut” and “teddy bear cut” are the same. These names imply a simple, low-maintenance cut where all of the hair is cut to roughly the same length. This is generally done with scissors instead of a signal to keep a fluffy, textured coat.

Despite what you may have heard, there is no “proper” length of a puppy cut or teddy bear cut. Some groomers may trim to half an inch and others over an inch. These cuts are to have a short coat length that looks cute and fluffy—like a teddy bear or like a puppy.

However, with some groomers, there is a slight distinction between the two. They may leave the hair on the legs and around the face a bit extended on a teddy bear, cut and slim them to look round—like a teddy bear.

When should a Yorkie Puppy get its First Haircut?

teddy bear haircut yorkie

Most Yorkies have their first haircut before six months. Many owners go at the four-month mark, others at five. It depends on the length of your Yorkie’s coat, the weather, and, importantly, your dog’s vaccinations.

You should never bring your puppy to get a haircut before it has needed all of its shots. You are going to a busy pet groomer who will represent your Yorkie to many other pets. Without proper vaccinations, you risk getting your dog sick.

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie Yorkie Hairstyles

1. Schnauzer Cut

As the name suggests, this dog style was inspired by the Schnauzer!

To achieve this look, trim your dog’s whiskers and ears a little longer, leaving a tiny fur skirt on the lower third of his body and legs. Next, you’ll want to trim the upper body half an inch with a small “apron” over the chest.

Dignified yet cute – this option is perfect for the polished Yorkie in your life.

2. Teddy bear cut

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie This cut is perfect for Yorkies considering they are such sweet and loving pups. And just like with your favorite replete animal, you won’t be able to stop squeezing your dog when he’s doing this kind of sport.

For this look, the fur is trimmed to essentially the same length all over the body, except for the face, where the hair is cut in a circular pattern that gives the impression of a sweet teddy bear. Hug time!

3. Puppy Cut

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie

The Puppy Cut is general for this breed, possibly because it embraces the sweet, playful spirit that many Yorkies have.

For this cut, keep your hair about an inch or two all over your body, including your head, ears, and legs. Easy to keep (and tangle-free!), this style is so popular that it gives you an angelic and pretty look without much maintenance.

Of course, you’ll need to stay on top of the trim, but this is easy enough to master on your own as long as you invest in a quality pair of scissors and scissors.

4. Show the cut

Do you feel elegant? Do you have a lot of extra time to prepare? Then this might be the style for you!

The Yorkie Show Cut is elegant with its long, luxurious locks and high bun. It is the style the breed often sports at American Kennel Club sponsored dog shows, so it’s considered the typical Yorkie cut.

It is not very common except for show dogs, but it takes a lot of effort to care for. Just identify that you’re going to spend a lot of time brushing, washing their coats, and sorting out these messes.

5. Kennel Cut

The haircut contains terse hair on the body. The legs, tail, and head hair is kept a little longer. This cut is another popular option, especially when the summer months roll in.

The whiskers and ears are trimmed to about half an inch, and the paws are cut to keep them looking neat and clean (and ready for a run in the sun!).

Whatever cut you choose for your Yorkie, we know that his gorgeous headgear is part of what makes this breed so fun. It’s up to you to select which style best suits your personality and is best for your lifestyle, family and wallet.

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie Overview

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie Once you have a Yorkshire Terrier, you have to decide how long to keep the coat. Without cuts or shapes, the hair can reach the ground in 24 months. Puppies are, of course, born with short fur, but they start growing at 12 months of age or, in some cases, earlier.

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkshire Hair Style FAQ

What is the most popular haircut for a Yorkie?

A short dog cut is the best haircut chosen for this breed. Our comprehensive survey of owners was asked, How do you maintain your Yorkie’s coat? When we asked, the answers were as follows: This length is the most popular for Yorkies and is great for active dogs. Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie. It keeps a dog looking nice and tidy. The coat only needs to be brushed 2 to 3 times a week and a leave-in product to repel dirt and debris works exceptionally well with this length.

Short 52%

Medium 35%

length 11%

2% shaved

The main reason for choosing a short haircut is that it makes grooming easier; fur won’t get tangled up, hair needs to be brushed 2 or 3 times a week rather than combing it with a long coat almost every day, and a dog tends to keep itself more organized. Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkshire Even if a Yorkie is running, it will look neat and clean.

How often do Yorkshire Terriers need a haircut?

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie

The veneer will need to be trimmed approximately every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the chosen length. However, nothing terrible will happen if you skip a crop; the coat will be longer and require more attention to brushing and possible tangles.

How old should a Yorkie be for their first haircut?

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkshire If you want to save your Yorkshire Terrier a short puppy cut, the initial trimming period will be between 9 and 12 months; this is when hairs can grow long enough to require trimming to keep them short.  Don’t worry if your terrier’s hair isn’t long enough at that age, and it can take a few more months, in some cases up to 18 months.

If you want to style the hair on your head or have your hair shaved close, you can do this even earlier, starting at four months. If you’re taking your Yorkie to a sitter, you’ll want to ensure your pup gets all of its shots before going out anywhere in public.

Different Feather Lengths for the Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkshire

Before you start thinking about any styles (details to come). You may want to start by deciding how long you want your Yorkie’s coat to be. Most Yorkshire Terriers have coats that grow quite quickly, allowing you to try out different styles. As long as you don’t shave your fur, you can experiment a lot.

Every dog is unique in how fast its fur grows and its ability to reach ground length. In some cases, a Yorkie may not grow its skin that long; it can stand several inches off the ground. Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie But it can take 1.5-2 years if it  not cut at all. And also, Small incisions can made to keep the ends healthy. Therefore, patience will be require.

This is done with medium to long hair, giving an angled cut to the face. Starting at the base of the ears and down the entire side of the face, hairs are stacked. Side sections curve inward and almost meet under the chin. Forehead hairs can either be put back into a topknot or shave short to keep the eyes clear.


Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkshire Are you looking for Yorkie haircut ideas? There are many different terrier haircuts and terrier hairstyles. teddy bear and puppy haircuts are essentially the same things. See this guide for summer shaving Yorkie, Yorkie teddy bear cut, puppy cut and other tips for easy Yorkie hairstyles. The Teddy Bear or Puppy Cut again a highly sought after cut. It mimics the style the Yorkie had as a puppy. All body hair attached.


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