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unicorn makeup (1)Unicorn Makeup has reached a glitter-bombed tipping point, and not just because of unicorn makeup. Now you can drink like a unicorn, get down like a unicorn, and give your hair that mythical unicorn shine. But Google search spoke, and no matter how polarized our cultural fascination with all things magical and mystical, we want what we want, and that is dressing up as a unicorn for Halloween.

The look topped the charts, just ahead of mermaid makeup, for most popular Halloween costumes last year. And according to this year’s research, unicorn makeup is still going strong for 2020. And you see what: why the hell not? If there’s ever a day to go wild with a holographic highlighter, it’s Halloween. So, on that note, we’ve put together this compilation of the best Instagram unicorn makeup ideas for Halloween. Go put on your glitter.

Sparkly Unicorn

Jenna Dewan had the right idea by this look: all you need to nail this Halloween costume is a pink outline, some rhinestones, and some glitter hairspray.

bubblegum unicorn

Pull your hair up into pigtails and spray it in three sections with temporary dye for the perfect unicorn mane.

Unicorn E-Girl

Unicorns don’t have to be just butterflies and rainbows. For an emo twist to the look, all you need is a killer black lipstick.

unicorn eye glitter

This look seems especially a good option for 2020, since all the attention will be on your eyes.

periwinkle unicorn

Do you want a colorful wig? Match your makeup with your hair for an even more festive look.

painted unicorn

If you like to show off your Halloween costumes, this one is for you. Go hard on the watercolor shades and splash them on your neck.

Heavenly Unicorn Eyes

The eyes can always be enhanced with glitter.

pale pink unicorn

Just when we thought unicorns couldn’t get any more magical. Get the look with Lime Corruption Unicorn Hair Mist and Natasha Denona’s Tropic Eyeshadow Palette.

gold glitter unicorn

All that really glitters is gold. Try NYX Face and Body Flash for those sparkly tears and Kylie Cosmetics Blue Honey Eyeshadow Palette for those royal eyes.

Holographic Horned Unicorn

For another eye-focused look that’s not quite literal, swap out your winged liner for a holographic horn.

White Winged Unicorn

Swap out a crisp white for a traditional eyeliner for a striking look.

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