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Capsule Wardrobe – What is it? From definition to practice

What is a Wardrobe Capsule?

Capsule Wardrobe – A capsule is a small collection. The wardrobe capsule is an essential wardrobe containing a certain quantity of products, which never “go out of fashion”. This wardrobe capsule is made up of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you adjust to the seasons and LOVE to wear.

With experience, I know that there are clothes that you can wear all year round, with a few tips to know: in winter, you want to curl up in sweaters, sweater dresses, cardigans, warm coats and in summer, we will no longer wear skirts, shorts, tank tops.

Depending on the season, we will keep the clothes worn all year round and put away those that do not correspond to the season. That way, we can see more clearly, and we only have the clothes in our wardrobe capsule that we use every day!

Capsule Wardrobe (definition)

A wardrobe made of very few pieces is timeless and easy to combine.

There are a lot of blogs on the subject of a capsule wardrobe that flourish and advise several pieces per season, a bit like a challenge.

I find that the number of clothes is very personal and that is not the most important in the end; it is to have beautiful clothes, of quality, that we often put on and that we like to wear.

Basic tank tops, underwear, bags, accessories (such as hat, scarf, gloves), jewellery, and practical clothes (which can wear in different circumstances, for playing sports, gardening, or painting) do not count as part of the capsule wardrobe.

On the other hand, it is the everyday clothes according to your habits. You can put in: jackets, pants, jeans, shoes, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, etc.

Why a Wardrobe Capsule?

One day, I saw the documentary “The True Cost”, and it completely bowled me over.

I was amazed that clothing production was the second most polluting industry after the oil industry.

A mixture of guilt and a desire to do things differently for myself and others. However, I’m not an eco-fanatic, but it’s something we can no longer overlook. And our consumption is a massive factor in all of this, which is why we have a role to play.

Starting a wardrobe capsule also means enjoying many advantages daily. Time-saving, money-saving, a logic of sustainable development and unnecessary stress less, as many benefits you could enjoy with this new wardrobe ethics.

How to start a Capsule Wardrobe?

Clarify your style to become authentic and consistent in your purchases

In my opinion, the first thing to do – if you haven’t already – is to define your style. It is a good start for more thoughtful, innovative, and perhaps more responsible consumption. The goal is not simply to sort and throw away your old wardrobe: it would be contrary to an anti-waste approach. The goal is not to make the same mistakes again on parts that will remain at the back of your cupboards!

Understanding and knowing your morphology, colours and style is a good starting point for building an ideal wardrobe. Who hasn’t dreamed of it? This wardrobe is complete with beautiful, timeless and elegant pieces that enhance. In the article, we talk about how to create your wardrobe capsule?

Take all your dresses out of your closets and sort them.

Yes! It’s a tedious step. We don’t always have time to get started. A good surprise is sometimes to come across a forgotten item of clothing. It’s a bit like buying a new piece.

To do this, you open the doors of your wardrobes, take out your accessories, jewellery, handbags and shoes, before cleaning up. The goal is to eliminate everything superfluous: unworn clothes, poor-quality pieces, dresses that we keep “just in case”, somewhat worn handbags, and accessories by the dozen. That we no longer take the time to model.

The objective is then to keep what we wear, regularly, pieces that we feel comfortable, that look like us, far from the outfits bought to follow the fashion that we do not wear, ultimately, never!

In the logic of sustainable development, we take the time to resell the parts on collaborative economy sites or make donations to associations! We can also start by making a list of the ideal pieces that we would like to have. It is very effective but can be a little frustrating if you are on a limited budget.

What I did was I started per season first. By fall/winter. I put aside the parts that did not match the season to sort them later. I sorted through the seasons’ pieces.

Autumn – Sep / Oct / Nov

Winter – Dec / January / February

Spring – March / April / May

Summer – June / July / August

I looked at what went well together in the clothes I had left. I created a few outfits with my pieces. We realize that we can make several outfits with a few details. And we make a list of a few extra parts (if needed) that we will afford for the season.

Appropriate your new Capsule Wardrobe

The wardrobe capsule is a good start to sorting things out and finding your style. It gives a framework to start and follow the goals you have set for yourself, and it allows you to confirm your type and take stock of your purchasing habits. It’s about finding a fun way to dress, to smell beautiful without harming our precious planet.

The wardrobe capsule is also great for having, once and for all, an absolute wardrobe of basics. Simple clothes that always work no matter what the occasion. Then seasonal garments, sweaters, down jackets in winter. It is what makes up 80% of your wardrobe.

After that, I must admit that the concept satisfies me after two years, but it’s still a bit rigid. I think, like everything, there is a happy medium. It permits us to separate ourselves from our old chaotic wardrobe and shopping habits.

But so as not to be too dull or feel frustrated, always wear simple combos that work like striped sweaters, jeans, and ankle boots. About 20% of “treasured” pieces that follow my style a little, my desires a little, works that I like, heart stunts that I assume. On which, I may or may not get bored sooner, or put them aside one year to bring them out the following year.

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