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What is C2, C4, C5

C2’S, C4’S, C5’S

What is C2. An example of a Monitoring and Control Center are the  Command, Control, Communications and Computing Centers, also called C4, and the Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Citizen Contact Centers, better known as the C5 Monitoring Center. These Centers can operate at three levels: municipal, state and federal, and keep in operation 24/7 under strict rules and procedures that lead them to reduce emergency response times as much as possible. In addition, high specification equipment supply, both audiovisual and Physical Security, is supported by a specialized technical team that is always ready to provide the required maintenance.

What is C2

What is C2 ,the Command and Control Centers (C2) are the regional stations in charge of monitoring the video surveillance cameras by zones in Mexico City, and these are centers.

How to Request a Video from C2

How to request a video? First, the request must be made directly to the Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City, indicating the following identification data:

  1. Some preliminary investigation, matter or file.
  2. Authority before which the subject file.

What is the C5 in the Police

The Center for Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact of the CDMX (C5) is the dependency of the Government of Mexico City in charge of capturing comprehensive information for decision-making in matters of public safety, medical emergencies, environment, civil protection, mobility and…

How Long does the C5 Cameras Last

Recordings are generally only kept for seven days, after which they discard. However,  expect the videos’ protection announced for at least 30 days in the coming weeks.

How to Connect to the C5

To connect to this free internet service in CDMX, it is only necessary to approach a C5 post with your device. Immediately you will see a notification of available internet connection: “Red Gratis CDMX C5”.

How to Connect to codex C5 for Free

Where to Find Free Internet

  1. Open the browser and believe the terms and conditions.
  2. Search from the C5 or Public Sites for the location of these 13,694 posts with free Internet.
  3. How to connect to the free WIFI of the CDMX?

How to Connect to the Metro Network

To connect to the free Internet, users must activate the WIFI of their cell phone and select the “CDMX METRO WIFI” network. Later, they are sent to a page where they must register some information such as name, email, telephone number, or one of their social networks.

Who can Access Security Camera Recordings

Who can view security camera recordings? Only authorized people. Access to the recorded images must be protected by a username and password so that only authorized persons can access them.

How to Recover Security Camera Recordings

Restore From DVR Hard Drive Backup

First, you need to find and open the video backup folder.

Then you need to locate the exact video you lost or deleted from CCTV/DVR hard drive or SD card.

Lastly, you need to copy and store the found video on an SD card or disk drive.

Where are the ATM Cameras

Two covert cameras install inside an ATM, one focused on the user and the other on the ATM panel. In addition, deep learning technology embedded in the ATM security system can detect any “anomalies” in the facial scene in front of it, referring to existing data patterns.

What is the Security of an ATM

For security, always keep in mind the following precautions: Always cover the keyboard with your hand when entering the password at an ATM or a commercial establishment’s dataphone. Never accept help from strangers when making transactions at the Bank or an ATM.

How Many Megabytes do I Need to See Security Cameras

We can apply a general rule in which IP cameras have a maximum consumption of 4Mb for each Megapixel of resolution that the camera has in H264+ encoding and 3Mb for each Megapixel of resolution in H265+. – 4 cameras x 6Mb = 24Mb Maximum bandwidth consumption for this installation.

How do Security Cameras Work in a Company

The functionality of wireless security cameras is straightforward; they work by transmitting video through the camera with a radio (RF) transmitter. In addition, the said receiver connects to a built-in storage device or cloud storage.

How Many Megabytes Should I have at Home

  1. Number of gigabytes to hire 4G Internet at Home
  2. task type              Approximate consumption (megabytes)
  3. Web navigation 1 to 1.5MB per page
  4. See videos           8 MB / min (collided media) 14,50 MB/ min (HD) 28 MB /min (full HD)
  5. Listen to music   43 MB/hour (medium quality) 72 MB/hour (high quality) 144 MB/hour (extreme quality)


If you want to know how a Monitoring Center works or you have doubts about how to set up a Monitoring Center, come to us so that we can advise you with the best technology and equipment for your C5, C4 or C2.

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