Haute Couture – Inside today’s world of high fashion

Haute Couture – There are few things impressive in fashion than Haute Couture. With a small client base (approximately 4,000 worldwide) and an exclusive provision of industry tickets for runway presentations, the practice can seem entirely fantastic and out of scope. The art of Couture is a tightly measured, invite-only application, governed by Paris’s Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion (FHCM) with a common influence on the fashion industry.

Who are Couture’s key designers?

The Federation has approximately 100 members and includes three Chambres Syndicales, or central bodies (Haute Couture, Women’s Fashion and Men’s Fashion).

Approved fashion houses can maintain strategic, communication, marketing, and economic, technological, cultural and even political possibilities—and Haute Couture members also gain a position on the official couture schedule.

What is the purpose of Haute Couture?

What is the purpose of Haute Couture?

Meanwhile, with the advent of ready-to-wear at the start of the 20th century, Haute couture’s bearing had been slowly falling. The demanding guidelines then labour-intensive practices render it inaccessible to anyone outside the 0.001 per cent target audience.

Guided by the FHCM, haute couture has become an Insta-friendly showcase of craftsmanship and creative grandeur. An epic to what can be achieved by the industry’s foremost designers and artisans, its creations provide a trickle-down effect of inspiration on ready-to-wear and fast-fashion collections.

“Haute couture is a leader in terms of creation, a strange laboratory for research, both in terms of craftsmanship and design innovation”. “Haute couture is a land of free appearance for designers, as well as an image builder for brands.”

“Creatively, FHCM is incredible support because it accomplished coordinating a vibrant and diversified body without getting intricate in the vision of each house. What its cultural and political demand is and how they got forward.”

“Support for fashion culture here is extraordinary: somewhat other countries should look at to think almost their policies. And the weight and importance they give fashion as an important part of focusing on national identity.”

What are the rules of Couture?

Considerably mythology exists around the strict rules and regulations essential of haute couture houses by the FHCM. ‘Haute couture is an officially protected term first set in 1945. A label can only remain awarded (or withdrawn through failure to meet the required procedures outlined below) by a commission selected by the Ministry of Industry.

To be qualified for haute couture status, members must create made-to-order clothes. In an atelier of at least 15 full-time staff, as well as 20 full-time technical workers in one of their ateliers. Groups must present with a minimum of 50 original designs. And day and evening looks, presented to the public in January and July and formed for private clients. Each piece demands more than one fitting. Guest members invite every season, and if a brand asked four times in a row, it becomes eligible to be a member.

What’s next for the FHCM in positions of innovation?

When it arises to the design and development process, people see the FHCM’s dialogue with industry pioneers. As a chance for growth and expansion. “FHCM inspires interest and attention into what’s going on outside. To find ways of including technologies from further cultures and manufacturing traditions.”

“The FHCM closely observers the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its effect”. “It is continuously a question of balancing in the best way low-tech (intelligence of the hand), mid-tech (automation). And high-tech (digital revolution/robotics). We also effort on the way innovation can care the move toward sustainable development.”

They explain that the FHCM works with associates, tech companies, and academic experts. To guarantee a constant dialogue between Couture and the digital revolution. “Technology and innovation essential support design and creativity, as well never alter them, in any circumstance.