DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) is a blockchain game that you can play in your browser. It combines several DeFi elements in a way that is interesting and fun. Its gameplay elements combine a DEX, an NFT marketplace, and a liquidity pool under a fantasy pixel art cover. This gives the game its signature mix of DeFi and retro game design. The developers of DeFi Kingdoms want to bridge the gap between the worlds of gaming and decentralized finance by “embracing the full power of the blockchain in the game form.”

The DeFi Kingdoms game has finished the first three of its six planned phases as of this writing. A world map expansion of the Kingdom Plots land that can be bought in-game.

The creators want to expand the Kingdom Plots with land-building elements, the Hero NFTs with equipment, and other methods for heroes to get JEWEL tokens via gaming.

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Who made DeFi Kingdoms in the first place?

There are 12 people on the DeFi Kingdoms team, but this can’t be confirmed because the team section in the game’s Docs has been taken down. All of the team members have kept their identities secret. This is common in community-driven projects like SushiSwap and LooksRare.

Also, the code for the game can be looked at on GitHub and in AMAs. The team has laid out several ways to build trust, such as using only multi-signature wallets and giving JEWEL tokens to people who have earned them.

What is different about DeFi Kingdoms?

First and foremost, DeFi Kingdoms stands out because of how well the DeFi features and game elements work together. On DeFi Kingdoms, the combination of financialization and gaming feels natural, which isn’t true of many other games with similar features. Several important parts of DeFi Kingdoms help with this.

Its decentralized exchange uses the Uniswap V2 Protocol and lets players swap tokens and become a liquidity provider to earn fees on token swaps.

LP tokens can also be bet in The Gardens, where players can buy rare NFTs and other items to get more JEWEL. The different plants and crops that players have to care for and harvest to get their rewards to give the Gardens a unique look. Each garden is a different pair of LPs, and the harvest is put in the storehouse. Depending on how much a player has invested in a specific garden, gardening heroes earn JEWEL and help mining heroes increase the rewards of gardening.

Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms are more than just normal NFTs because they are playable characters who can earn JEWEL and level up. As one of the most important parts of the game, they are sent on quests and fight in different game modes. Heroes can be bought and sold in The Tavern, and new heroes can be summoned by combining genes from old heroes to make entirely new, possibly very rare NFT. Players will also be able to give their heroes different equipment NFTs, which will give them special passive and active abilities. Heroes can go on quests to get in-game resources and JEWEL that will help them get more crops from The Gardens. Last but not least, heroes will be able to choose to have pets.

In DeFi Kingdoms, people can also buy plots of land. Depending on where these plots are, they will give out different amounts of resources. In the future, you will also be able to build on your lands to give your farming and heroes more bonuses. When players own land, they can also go out and look for resources for their heroes.

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