White Entertainment Center: is always a timeless colour that brightens up the look of your home. A large white entertainment center can trick you, especially with a dark-coloured wall. As the room’s focal point, a white wall unit or a freestanding one serves as the perfect background for your home décor and large television. Our designer’s top picks of chic white entertainment centers are glossy modern pieces to rustic distressed ones.

The best sound systems in the 2000s were designed for home theater and movie sound. Home entertainment centers can be connected to hi-fi stereo or quad speakers. It usually contains more than left and right stereo channels. Television and VHS typically encode the extra channels into two main channels, while digital modes encode this information into digital DVD source data with center speakers, two rear speakers and a subwoofer. The difficulty is often in the wiring and placement of the rear speakers and the need to purchase a receiver that can decode the sound. As video monitors increase in size, it’s common to have a substantially flat screen or projection screen with a tiny built-in DVD player/receiver and a digital cable instead of a 20-inch TV surrounded by a giant stereo. Or satellite receiver. Underneath with small remote speakers and a medium-sized subwoofer.

What are the Different Types of Entertainment Centers?

There are three main entertainment centers: wall units, TV stands, and media chests.

Entertainment centers are large pieces of furniture that often surround and support the TV. They also contain more storage space than TV stands. Entertainment centers can be up to 72 inches tall and are available in various styles to fit any décor. Due to their size, entertainment centers are not ideal for small rooms. What should I pay attention to in an entertainment center?

5 Tips for Choosing an Entertainment Center

  • Amount the Extent of Your Room. It is the first step you must take and maybe the most important.
  • Measure the Size of Your TV.
  • Determine the Best Height for Your TV.
  • Pick the Best Style Match for You and Your Home.
  • Select an Entertainment Center with the Right Features

Types of White Entertainment Centers and Sizes

White Entertainment Center

Wall Units

Large entertainment cabinet with open or closed shelves compatible with television and other electronic equipment. These units vary in width and are up to 72 inches tall. They are assertive pieces for decorating your home and very functional living room furniture.

TV tables

TV stands are usually tall cabinets that are ideal places to rest your television. Sizes vary, but most are counter-height for easy TV viewing. They are usually more comfortable home furnishings with storage underneath. Due to its flat table surface, even huge TVs can be placed on most TV stands.

media chests

These media cabinets are smaller, usually upright units that can house televisions and other equipment. Some include TV cabinet designs and open up to reveal a TV behind their doors, an excellent option for those who prefer to hide their TV and accessories from time to time.

Entertainment Center with Architectural Details

White Entertainment Center

Add a dash of elegance to your interior with this European-inspired white entertainment center. It has manufactured solid wood construction with a weathered paint finish and is equipped with glass-door cabinets for storage and a cost management system for the central panel.

Modern White Wall Entertainment Unit

Refresh your living room with this white wall unit entertainment center. Engineered of solid wood and MDF, it fits TVs up to 70. Upper shelving provides a platform to present your collections and a lower shelf for your consoles. Two drawers offer discreet storage.

Long Floating Entertainment Wall Unit

Create the modern statement feature wall with these white extra-large entertainment wall units. Each item is made of manufactured wood in a glossy finish, featuring four pieces. Upper and lower cabinets offer ample storage, while two floating shelves provide a sleek contrast.

Farmhouse Entertainment Center

Luxuriously classic – the perfect description for this large white entertainment center. The ideal focal piece for your living room is solid wood construction with adjustable shelves and felt-lined drawers. Side shelves and the central panel are provided with cord management slots.

Weathered White Entertainment Center

This white entertainment center with bookshelves features beautiful details, such as salvaged wood shelves that exude an aged and distressed look. Multi-functional space provides ample storage for all your components and books and displays your favorite collectables on the glass doors.

Modern Wall Mounted Entertainment Center

White Entertainment Center

This large floating entertainment center wall unit is the perfect option for saving precious floor space It features three drawers, three shelves, and overhead LEDs to highlight your collection. The set includes a bracket that can be used to mount a TV of up to 70.

Buying Guide

Full-size entertainment centers, also known as wall units, are solid pieces of furniture. They can house and display an entire home theatre system and more. White wall units tin be up to 72 inches tall in different widths.

Since this type of home furniture is large, it is meant to be in the center of a room. Don’t start shopping before you read and understand our white wall unit buying guide below to ensure your entertainment center fits your home space.

How to Select the Correct Size White Entertainment Center?

To know the size of the entertainment center that can fit in your space, there are specific steps you need to take. First and prime, you need to map out where you intend to place the unit. To take the depth and width, measure the maximum space you can allow for the furniture. Then, measure the entire wall that your entertainment center will lean on.

Don’t forget to take the measurements of passageways, staircases, and doorways, as those are where your unit will pass through to reach its placement.

To ensure the storage space intended for a TV fits your TV’s size, measure your TV including its depth. Then, compare the measurements you’ve taken with the dimensions of the TV shelf of a white wall unit. Of course, you will use the entertainment center to mount or store your TV.

How can I know the entertainment center is well constructed?

Overall, the unit that’s an incredible choice is sturdy. It must never wobble when rocked, as it will house your expensive home theatre system. There must be corner blocks to ensure the unit’s stability and levelers that help make sure the drawers and doors line up correctly.

The best feature for drawers is dovetail joinery, as it offers strength and stability. Of course, the drawers should be able to move in and out with the help of their glides. Stops help prevent overextension. Quality glides use nylon wheels or ball bearings as they make it easy for the drawers to move.

As for the doors of your entertainment center, they should fit well without any visible gaps. Doors should neither squeak nor rub when they are opened and closed.

White entertainment centers or white wall units are constructed out of solid hardwood. Others may come with a hardwood veneer. Unlike softwoods like fir, redwood, pine, cypress, and cedar, hardwood provides the highest strength and durability. The most popular hardwood types include cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, teak, rosewood, pecan, and walnut.

Because you will be ordering an entertainment center online, we suggest you pick one that comes with an excellent return policy and comprehensive warranty to protect your investment. Keep in mind all the tips we gave you to make the buying process a success.


White Entertainment Center An entertainment center (or center), also known as an entertainment complex, is a piece of furniture designed to house consumer electronic appliances and components, such as televisions. White entertainment centers offer clean slates upon which to display collections, family photos, pottery pieces, and other decorative objects. Long white contemporary TV stand base in lacquers. This contemporary styled TV stand will be the perfect addition to any designed living room.